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Our group is about supporting and encouraging each other in recognizing, appreciating and articulating the good aspects of men, boys, maleness and masculinity in social relationships and communities.

Our ideal members are people — of all races, ethnicities, sexes and sexual orientations — who are concerned that society may be taking a little too much joy in denigrating XY chromosomes, testosterone and male ways of seeing, doing and being. We believe in gender equality and wish to support each other in doing what we can to make sure men and boys are valued for their pro-social contributions as much as are women and girls.

The benefits of joining are to find encouragement and support — to know you are not alone — for your belief that men and boys need more appreciation, encouragement and support than they often get, and to develop ways of carrying that belief into the world in an optimistic, happy and positive way.

Typical activities will involve talking, listening and learning about the good that exists in men and boys and how to ensure that our society honors, respects and embraces it. Our activities might start with going to a movie or a play, or reading a book we want to discuss, or just getting together over drinks and dinner to talk about things of relevance we’ve seen in the news, or new ideas we may have come across.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a dating or hookup site; it's about changing cultural attitudes and social policy toward men. On the other hand, it could be your best possible place to meet a mate if you want to find a man with enough integrity to insist that he be respected, honored and cherished as much as women are, or if you want to find a woman who values men with that kind of integrity.

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