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This is a group of Mountain Bikers in and around Malibu who love to exercise for fun and take it to the next level, and biking is only half the fun! It will be a wonderful day filled with networking, mountain biking and we'll also learn about the metaphors of mountain biking and how this discipline and hard work can spill over and effect all areas of your life! Get out of your comfort zone as we climb to the top together. Be determined, perservere, dig down deep and feel the accomplishment - as we push through past the pain - to reach the top of the mountain. Unwind afterwards as we gain insightful knowledge of the amazing similarities and metaphors of mountain biking and creating a more fullfilling life! For example: . Love hurts (but don't let that stop you from falling in love.) Find your inner strength, courage and self respect. A typical event: We'll meet up and start with a some nurtritional health tips, encouragement and a great smoothie, followed by a 1-3 hour ride. BYO picnic lunch, water and snacks as we relax at the top with some words of wisdom and the metaphors of how mountain biking can enhance other areas of your life. Join InsideOut Movement for this incredible outdoor adventure and journey of discovery. It's downhill from here. See you at the next event and bring a friend.

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