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Women that would like to make extra money, enough money to quit work, or become a millionaire or billionaire, should join this group.

Partner up with a male creative genius to make enough money to quit work, or millions to billions of dollars – whichever you prefer.

Why Would A Male Be Seeking Only Female Business Partners?

People like to do business with those they like and feel comfortable with. Most men are foul-mouthed lowlifes. I, on the other hand, am a genius with a natural disdain for swearing. Additionally, I have had great success with many women romantically in the not too distant past while residing in another state. This, on top of the fact that most women don’t swear nearly as much as men, makes me much prefer female business partners.

I was once very financially successful with my own business making over $10,000 a month, so I’m not some inexperienced man with a bunch of dreams and no know-how. I’ve done it before! I lost it all. The methods I was using back then are obsolete now. But I’ve re-educated myself and thanks to my creativity, I now know how to make billions of dollars. I'm seeking female business partners to help me launch various business enterprises. You can invest time, skills or money (a financial investment is not essential to prosper in this group).

I have a habit of noticing simple things that no one else can. Like about a dozen new ways to make over $100-billion annually, as one small example.

Billionairesses.com Meetups have the long-term goal of creating an equal number of female billionaires to male billionaires, as only about 10% of billionaires are female as of today. This is not good because most men are selfish pigs who just want to flash their money instead of using it to help others.

First Meetup Activity: Class on remote viewing to choose investments and practice on pretend investments.

[Most of my business knowledge and innovations have nothing to do with psychic phenomenon].

Billionairesses.com events teach various innovative money-making techniques of the founder, such as using ESP for even odds investments. I started practicing ESP development at the age of 18 to try to win the lottery. Once all six numbers popped into my head once. It was too difficult to remember all six numbers for the short time I could hold the vision in my mind, but the three numbers I did manage to remember proved correct. So I started playing the Pick3, which only required I remember one three-digit number. I won four times - $500 per win. The odds of winning the Pick3 are one in 1,000. If my original ESP shortcut methods are applied to standard investments, that pay 1 to 1, as the odds of winning are only 1 out of 2 instead of 1 out of 1,000, a steady income can be made, or even millions or dollars. I have dozens of other business plans I'd like to share with females and dozens of inventions I'd liked to form business partnerships to have patented and marketed for mutual profit sharing.

Earning Disclaimer: All investments involve risk. Using remote viewing to choose investments has shown to be around 90% accurate for others that use it as a strategy, but there is still the risk of loss. No investment system can make 100% accurate predictions at this time. Therefore, invest only what you can afford to lose.

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