• Atlassian Accelerator Day in Copenhagen

    We’re inviting you to a free breakfast-to-lunch seminar on Atlassian Enterprise. This event will focus on "Atlassian high availability as code" where we will use Kubernetes, Docker, and other technologies to script the entire setup for an Atlassian Data Center solution. To join the event, register here: http://www.code-conf.com/atlas-accel-17/cph2/#tickets This is a great opportunity to chat with peers and experts, talk about your challenges, and share solutions on how to optimize Atlassian in your organization. You’ll bring home practical insights that you can apply immediately and the confidence to start making the most out of your Atlassian toolstack. The target audience for this event is Atlassian system administrators, but you are more than welcome to join if you're simply interested in learning more. Agenda and more details: http://www.code-conf.com/atlas-accel-17/cph2/

  • Pre-conference meetup - CoDe CPH

    Needs a location

    As great speakers are coming to Copenhagen for CoDe-CPH on September 12th (http://www.code-conf.com/code-conf-17/cph/), we have invited them to share their ideas with the community. We can already announce 2 great speakers for this meetup: - Nicole Forsgren, CEO & Chief Scientist at DORA, and Lead investigator on the State of DevOps Reports - How Metrics Shape Your Culture - Kris Buytaert, Devops, Linux, and Open Source Expert, Inuits For more information and signup see this Meetup group: https://www.meetup.com/code-u/events/240930855/ What is CoDe CPH? It's a Continuous Delivery & DevOps Conference that will take place on September 12th in Copenhagen for the 4th year. This conference brings to together technological wizards and industry big shots who will provide you with motivational keynotes and hard-hitting tales from the trenches. Get your Early bird ticket (http://www.code-conf.com/code-conf-17/cph/#tickets) before June 30th to save 600 DKK!

  • Free DevOps and KPI measurement breakfast event in Copenhagen

    Come grab some free breakfast and listen to some interesting talks from industry leaders about DevOps implementation at Tradeshift and KPI measurements. Network with peers from the industry. Read the full agenda and sign up here: www.eficode.com/en/events/kpi-measurement-copenhagen

  • Atlassian Accelerator Day


    We’re inviting you to a breakfast-to-lunch seminar of three short workshops. This is not the usual Meetup, but this is a free seminar about the Atlassian tools, so we thought that you might be interested to join anyways. You simply need to register on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/atlassian-accelerator-day-in-copenhagen-tickets-30806215219 The seminar will give you insight on how Atlassian’s JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk TM and Portfolio for JIRA can be used to tackle the management of agile projects and portfolios. If you are in the market for inspiration, you’ll get to discover the Atlassian tools and understand what they could bring to your organisation through real-life cases and illustrative examples. If you are already using Atlassian tools, you’ll get the opportunity to chat with peers and experts, talk about your challenges, and share solutions to optimize how your organization uses Atlassian tools. You’ll bring home practical insights that you can apply immediately, ideas for the future, and the confidence to really get the most of the Atlassian tools. To see the program and get more the latest updates: http://www.code-conf.com/atlas-accel-17/cph/

  • Introduction and workshop on Concourse


    This meet-up will be a hands-on introduction and workshop on Concourse. SimCorp will host the event, and give us a short introduction to their journey towards a better continuous integration chain in SimCorp. Then, we will dive into Continuous Delivery with Concourse, and look into pipeline configuration and the FLY command amongst other things. Please remember to bring your own laptop (BYOL). You will also be needing a working git installation (https://git-scm.com/downloads) and a usable shell. We will provide a Concourse server that you can use for the workshop.

  • Kubernetes - Containers orchestration

    The Orbit / Center for Hjerneskade Auditorium

    Henrik Høegh, DevOps Consultant at Praqma Aarhus, will be giving an introduction to Kubernetes.io, a Docker orchestration tool made by Google, inspired by their own internal system named Borg scheduling about 7000 containers per second every day. He will go through the architectural side of Kubernetes and give a demo of a running cluster as well. After the introduction you will know the parts that make up Kubernetes, why we need an orchestrator and some of the essential features hereof. AGENDA 17.30 : Welcome 18.00 : Presentation by Henrik Høegh 19.00 : Mingling around pizza and drinks This is actually a cross reference to an event in another Meetup group, but we thought you'd like to know. Check this: https://www.meetup.com/code-u/events/236722638/

  • Continuous Delivery & DevOps Conference STHLM - The Embedded Edition

    The CoDe Conference brings together technologists and industry leaders and focuses on innovation through Continuous Delivery and DevOps. And in this edition, we will look into the most challenging area when it comes to Continuous Delivery: Embedded software. During this full day conference we will look at what Continuous Delivery and DevOps really mean to businesses, how it can be achieved, and the many changes that impact how to produce and deliver quality software today - focusing on the benefits and challenges of embedding software and maintaining it through Continuous Delivery. Join us to be inspired by the industry leaders who have already traveled far in their journey towards Continuous Delivery, and bring home the knowledge and network that will keep you on track on your company’s road to Continuous Delivery of your embedded software. CHECK OUT AGENDA & REGISTER TODAY (http://www.code-conf.com/code-sthlm-2016/)

  • Continuous Delivery & DevOps Conference

    Marriott Hotel

    The 5th CoDe: Continuous Delivery & DevOps Conference The CoDe conference brings together technologists and industry leaders and focuses on innovation through Continuous Delivery and DevOps. This full day conference explores the multi-faceted area of CoDe, how IT influences the triple bottom line and what Continuous Delivery and DevOps really mean to businesses and how it can be achieved. READ MORE (http://www.code-conf.com/code-cph-2016/) REGISTER NOW FOR #CoDeCPH AND SAVE EARLY BIRD TICKETS ARE ONLY 2.199,- (ENDS MAY 31st) THAT’S 15% OFF THE FULL-PRICE TICKET REGISTER TODAY (http://www.code-conf.com/code-cph-2016/) CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS IS OPEN! CoDe provides a platform to share CoDe war stories to promote a modern SW development approach - share yours! SUBMIT PAPER TODAY (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1w81_c5vqhcWcWRHLv2I1RpOYPE25OPpqxexVfx3W_O8/viewform?usp=send_form)

  • Day Of Containers - Docker & Containerization


    A full day festival focused on hands-on workshops and demos exploring the Docker ecosystem and the newest trends of containerization. Get tickets and more information at http://www.code-conf.com/doc-cph-2016/ Throughout the day we’ll gather in groups to participate in technical workshops and, technology demonstrations. The afternoon will culminate with a smashing Keynote talk given by Kelsey Hightower from Google. In the evening we’ll continue the fun with barbecue and cold beers! BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP (B.Y.O.L) Bring Your Own Laptop (B.Y.O.L.) at Day Of Containers takes conferences to the next level. The interactive sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn hands-on, following along with an instructor step-by-step. Developers of all experience levels will learn about and all different aspects of Docker by becoming truly interactive. From introductory sessions on creating and running Docker containers, to advanced composition and orchestration in cloud environments, there is sure to be something for everyone! CALL FOR WORKSHOPS Day of Containers is much more than the usual procession of presentations and papers where everyone sits still…. If you have something interesting to share about Docker and would like to in run a workshop we want to hear from you! Please send a mail to [masked] to discuss your thoughts. Get tickets and more information at http://www.code-conf.com/doc-cph-2016/

  • Working smarter with GitHub

    Praqma Copenhagen

    A joint GitHub & Praqma Meetup 1. Working Smarter To Make Happier More Efficient Developers We'll touch upon development best practices focusing on collaboration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Improvement. We will look at ways to bring your tools into your chat interface so that you and your co-workers can be better informed of events happening with your development, deployments, or build status. We will explore some collaboration best practices, but also how to find good projects and people to collaborate with. Lastly, we'll see how to refactor code with some science and how all of these pieces help make happier developers who ship better code. 2. A pragmatic workflow - A workflow automated and optimized for simplicity Imagine a workflow so sophisticated, that you couldn’t break the integration branch even if you tried. And at the same time you wouldn’t have to go anywhere else than your terminal and your favorite IDE to manage issues, promotions and deploys. We'll present the ideal workflow from the perspective of a developer using a simple, minimalistic toolstack consisting of Git, GitHub, Waffle.io, Jenkins and just a couple tools simple tools. Speakers: Bas Peters, GitHub Bas is a Solutions Engineer at GitHub. He is fascinated by software and how it eats everything and enjoys helping people to understand the power and beauty of Git and GitHub. Lars Kruse, Praqma Lars Kruse is Continuous Delivery Coach at Praqma. He has throughout his entire career been working with software configuration management, processes automation, quality assurance and agile software development. Works by the DORITH principle: Do the RIght THing. Agenda: 17:00 Welcome 17:05 Food and drinks 17:30 Working Smarter To Make Happier More Efficient Developers, GitHub 18:15 A pragmatic workflow - A workflow automated and optimized for simplicity, Praqma 19:00 Discussion & Socialize - We have the venue until 8pm so stick around for a beer and CoDe-discussions!