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What we’re about

We have been organising Javascript meetups for quite a while but never actually created a group here. So, here you go ;) We try to meet about once every month or two, and the turn up is often between 20 to 40 people.

If you're into web development, come and join us on our next meetup! We try to keep it informal and build a community based on inclusivity. So don't worry, you're never too green, too old, too shy or too pretty to come by!

If you're interested in doing a talk, drop us a line. Even if you've never presented before, you can use the stage to get some practice. We promise, we won't bite you! :) The only thing we require is that it's about Javascript – you are free to fill in the rest. If you'd like to do a presentation, but don't know what about, let us know and we can help you with a topic.

Interested in hosting one of our meetups? We think it's great to do meetups at a company's office. It's truly a win-win, you get to show off your office and we get to eat your food ;) Reach out if you want to barter.