How to Launch & Scale a Tech Startup without a CTO


Whether you’re in Malta, France or the United States, finding the right Chief Technical Officer to drive the product development is very tricky.

Nowadays, startup founders can use outsourced developers, trainee developers, or their friends to create their dream startup. But...

• How does a founder choose between two (or among many) developers?
• How can a founder use outsourcing the right way?
• How can a founder build a long-term product with outsourcing?
• And once a startup founder finds the right person...
• How can a founder evaluate the value brought to the table by the engineer?
• How can a founder securely share the control of the product development without a technical background?
• How does a founder know if the methodology used by the developer is the right one? This Tuesday, 6th March 2018, French startup technical advisor and founder of, Amaury Khelifi, is going to be in Malta to share his knowledge and experience on how startups from any part of the world can deal with the lack of technical co-founders.

Amaury has been working in the IT industry for 15 years, and since 2014 has dedicated himself to working with tech startups.
To date, he’s advised and mentored more than 70 startups which have created and grown their businesses with the help of his tech experience and skill set. An entrepreneur at his core, he’s always looking for new techniques to help passionate entrepreneurs launch, manage new ventures and make them grow.

On Tuesday, 6th of March, he will share with us how startup founders can work effectively with a developer or a development team, even without technical background.

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