Value Investing vs Growth Investing in the Stock Markets


Hello everyone,

We are excited to host our next session in Malta. CityFALCON ( will sponsor the drinks and nibbles, while Soho coworking space ( will sponsor the event.

We want to help people to start thinking about saving, investing and ultimately financial independence.

If you'd like to have a look at presentations from our London sessions or for the performance of stocks discussed in our meet-ups, check here ( Please call me on my mobile if you can't find the place.

6.30 pm - Arrivals and networking
6.50 pm - Intro, and discussion on the current hot market topics.
7.10 pm - Warren Buffett has built a fortune focusing on value investing opportunities but has missed out entirely on the tech rally. He bought Apple only after 'laggards' started adopting iPhones. We will discuss the differences in approaches, valuation and due diligence of value vs growth investing opportunities. AI, machine learning, blockchain and automation will also be included in the discussions. Please watch this 4 minutes video about 'Crossing the Chasm' before the event.
8.00 pm - Networking
9.00 pm - Close

Let me know if you have any questions.

Ruzbeh Bacha
Founder and CEO