What we're about

This is a group dedicated to men who want to share and learn the foundations of being a well-rounded "Man". In a judgment-free zone, with varied backgrounds, "Man-up" provides anyone the opportunity to learn about a wide range of "Manly" topics. We'll strive to have a different topic every month, led by a specialized "Man" at different locations. "Man-up" talks will cover:

Wine drinking & appreciation
Cocktail fundamentals (bourbon, whiskey, etc,)


Wardrobe & attire

Male grooming & products
Current events/small talk
Fitness & Health

Etiquette (being a Gentleman)


Guy talk (cars, sports, etc.)

Other topics may be presented or recommended.

Each month we'll have a different topic, at a different location, with group discussions and a little network building. Come be a part of "Man up!" and be the best Man you can be.

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