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Attention Drone Pilots and "Wannabe" Drone Pilots! - This group is for both hobbyists and commercial users . . . Drone uses are many! Real estate photos, construction projects, emergencies and first responders, farming, events and weddings . . . the possibilities are endless!

We hold classes to not only help drone pilots to be able to pass the required FAA test, but how to apply that new knowledge!

As we would administer the FAA tests at our flight school, we found that many people may be able to answer the questions on this test, but they didn't know how to go about complying with these new regulations, and be able to earn a living!

Our class will help you to stay safe and legal, and out of trouble with the FAA, avoiding some pretty heavy fines . . . which are much more than a speeding ticket!

The class is taught by an experienced Certified Flight Instructor/Airline Transport Pilot, who is also an Aviation Maintenance Technician with Inspection Authorization, and . . . wait for it . . . a Drone Pilot!

Class sizes are limited. Schedule can accommodate groups. Please contact for details.

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Drone Pilot "Get Ready" Class - Manassas Airport

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Drone Pilot "Get Ready" Class - Manassas Airport

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