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Come "Safari" with us exploring the "Wild Places" of Prince William County!

We will share with you our favorite places, show you the plants and animals in our area and even show you how to identify them easily and quickly using free apps you can upload to your phones! (Ever wonder what something you saw is?)

One of the apps we like to use, iNaturalist, helps scientists and researchers by recording the biodiversity of species of plants, animals and fungi in our community.

We will teach you how to use the iNaturalist App, if you don't know how already, and also utilize the "Seek" App to scavenger hunt.

Some adventures will be mini "bioblitzes", (Bio blitzes are short periods of intensive recording of all living things in an area), and others will be themed hikes lead by local experts. For example, we have interpretative guides which lead mushroom, historical and geology hikes.

We are also adding nature themed lectures and training opportunities. Learn how to find the invasive insects/plants, become a Caterpillar Counts! monitor, or become a Bluebird box monitor. Learn what you can do to help the planet.

These are great activities for kids and adults. Kids are amazing at spotting wildlife. Come join us, explore our beautiful natural areas, become a citizen scientist, help scientists and researchers and enjoy the outdoors.

Learn, Explore, Contribute to Science with Us!

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