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If you have been feeling that most of the meetup events that you attend are lacking something, you are not alone. This is a chance for those of us that feel this way to make some changes for the better.

Building a Brotherhood of knowledgeable well rounded men over time will be a positive and rewarding experience for all of us.

This meetup is also open to women, the fairer gender is very welcome to join us too.

Our Meetup will focus on areas such as exploring the region, outdoor physical activities/working out, self improvement, meeting new people and making new friends and acquaintances, learn new skills, gain new knowledge, challenge yourself and others in the Meetup, explore history/historical places of interest, Western Culture, literature, spirituality, philosophy, folklore and Myth as it applies Western Civilization. This will involve activities such as festivals/faires, museums, historical places, even investigation of the paranormal (if you are brave enough), camping/bush craft, dinning, spending time out in nature, hikes, health and exercise, seasonal and holiday celebrations, parties, cookouts, reading and discussing selected books and articles on a variety topics such as current events, history, politics, society, physical fitness/diet and the outdoors from many authors. Going to breweries, bars/pubs, local sporting events, play various kinds of games, cinema, seeing historical reenactments and lots of interesting conversation and more.

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