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Are you fascinated by the dreams you had, or how other people dream? Or would like to remember your dreams more, or even control them? Well this is a casual fun meetup group to discuss everything about dreams at a lovely coffee house.
Please be aware there are no trained professionals in actual dream analysis/ psychology.
If you would like to share the dreams you have- great!
Just please keep it in a Disney PG fashion :). Lets avoid any dreams that are violent, sexual or just scary.

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Foundation Coffee House

Do you need help translating a dream? Would you like to remember dreams more? Or are you fascinated about how and why we dream, we all are! ( Please not there are p in psychology/ analysis we just have a well read interest) The venue is at a very relaxed cafe. I will be around the back on a possible sofa or the longest chair/ table available, past the cafe area- if your not sure where I am, ask at the cafe and they should direct you.

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Needs a location