What we're about

We are fascinated by how technological advancement will shape the future, and the social, ethical and economic challenges humanity will face. Come talk about it with us!

We plan to hold regular meetups that introduce concepts relating to futurism, followed by an informal discussion on the subject. Probably followed by the pub :)

You can expect us to cover topics such as:
- Artificial Intelligence
- Universal Basic Income
- Techno-progressivism
- Bio-hacking
- The technological singularity
- Transhumanism
- AR and VR
- Machine Learning
- Utopian and Dystopian scenarios
- Speculative fiction
- Anything featured in Black Mirror!

Pretty much the kinds of things you might find here https://www.reddit.com/r/Futurology/wiki/glossary

We aim to take an evidence-based approach and avoid pseudoscience. We believe social justice is important to a utopian future, and where appropriate will discuss intersections with feminism, racism, etc.

We value diversity and healthy debate is encouraged, but please do so in good faith and treat each other with respect. We haven't got our own website yet but our Code of Conduct will be the same as this one https://manchestertechnights.org/code-of-conduct/

Check out our podcast here https://soundcloud.com/manchester-futurists/

Join us to exercise your brain, discuss the future and meet people with a passion for technology!

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Mind the Gap: will AI and Digital create more inclusive health system?

The much anticipated Topol Review states that technology offers the potential to reshape health and care, empowering people who are willing and able to become more actively engaged in their health. However, the Review also recognises that it is critically important that digital healthcare technologies do not exacerbate inequalities in healthcare. The clear and present impact of health inequality is evidenced in a seminal publication by the NHSA: their 2018 report on UK geographical health inequalities has been critical in promoting focus on this important conversation as governments, health providers and citizens begin to enter new models of care. In response to both of these reports, the next Manchester One HealthTech event will partner with Manchester Futurists to deep dive into AI and digital health and how these new technologies may support or potentially exacerbate inequality, inclusion and parity in health and social care. We will examine some of the key recommendations from the Topol Review and explore how we can create an environment where everyone, including patients, citizens and staff, feels empowered and involved in the design of a digital healthcare system which actively improves equality and inclusion. We will hosted by our amazing sponsors Auto Trader and refreshments will be provided. If you have any dietary requirements then please let us know. @OHT_Manchester @McrFuturists

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Jon Howard: The Future of Children’s Online Safety

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