Beneficial AI, San Francisco, and more: A Fireside Chat with Rosie Campbell

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Rosie and Ahmed cofounded Manchester Futurists in early 2017 while working together at the BBC. A year later, Rosie waved goodbye to the UK and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to become Assistant Director of the Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI), a technical AI safety research team at UC Berkeley. Recently, she joined the Partnership on AI (PAI) to lead research programs on beneficial AI strategy, spanning areas such as responsible publication practices, explainability in AI systems, and benchmarking techniques for safety and fairness.

In this fireside chat, Rosie and Ahmed will cover a range of topics such as:

What it's like to move from Manchester to California
The latest thinking on AGI and transformative AI
Research at PAI, CHAI, and beyond
Effective Altruism and high-impact careers
Productivity, mental models, systems, and optimization
Questions from the audience!

Rosie Campbell is a Program Lead at the Partnership on AI (PAI) in San Francisco. She is interested in the safe development of AI for the long-term flourishing of humanity, and was recently named one of ‘100 Brilliant Women to follow in AI Ethics'.

Previously, Rosie was the Assistant Director of the Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI) at UC Berkeley, and continues to advise the group on strategy and operations. Before that, Rosie worked as a Research Engineer at BBC R&D, a multidisciplinary research lab based in Manchester and London. There, she worked on emerging technologies for broadcasting, including an award-winning project exploring the use of AI in media production.

Rosie holds a Master’s in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s in Physics, and also has academic experience in Philosophy and Machine Learning. She is fascinated by emerging tech, society, and the future, and cofounded Manchester Futurists to explore these issues. Rosie is also a productivity nerd and enjoys thinking and writing about how to optimize systems, and how to use reason and evidence to improve the world using the framework of Effective Altruism.