Gorgeous Gong Bath at Didsbury Parsonage Trust

This is a past event

8 people went

Price: £15.00 /per person
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To reserve a place, please got to https://gongspa.co.uk/reservations/ where you'll find my contact details. Thank you. :-)
Only 12 places available!!
A gong bath is a unique experience in which you are bathed (clothes on)..... in the sounds and vibrations of the gongs, which lend themselves to enhanced states of well-being, relaxation, happiness and pleasure. Great for those who want to give a gift to themselves (or others) of an hour of 'me time' or as an aid to meditation and deep cleansing.
All you need to do is relax and let the gongs do the work! I will bring some jasmine tea for us to drink after the gong bath. It's lovely for slowly coming around and grounding a little. You could bring water too, to help with the detox. :-)
Your body temperature may change during a gong bath. Many people drop in temperature. I have mats, blankets and pillows, but if you'd like to, please bring extra as required to ensure that you are super warm and comfy. :-)
Please let me know in advance if you are pregnant, have a metal implant (contraceptive coils are fine) or pacemaker, suffer from a sound sensitive condition, or have any query regarding the suitability of a gong bath for you. Thank you.
For directions use this link https://goo.gl/maps/V2eoxDRFyi72 .

As you turn onto Stenner Lane you'll see a pay and display car park on your left, after which the road bends to the right. At that point you'll see St. James Church on the left. Opposite this is the building that houses the gong bath (one of the gates is closed when it's dark, so you may need to enter via the gate nearer the main road). We'll be in Room 3.
You can park on Stenner Lane itself if there is space.
For more information, videos, digital downloads, CDs, etc, please feel free to check my website www.gongspa.co.uk (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.gongspa.co.uk%2F&h=ATOaPmjHkQHx-L5ShPO4DjiD1k5AogVsY5Wd_ejoxdmCdUZH6oj77pzC5HdxariMayY6FKhqZrmujkQHqD4wGt1dRaP65JwpCH4T7HwLkVsYq5WGj4mDl66_)
Tickets are £15 each. Please note: I cannot give refunds but if you'd like to give your space to a friend, please just let me know their name before the event. For any other transfers I need at least 48 hours notice. Thanks very much.
Please don't arrive before 8:20pm as the previous group will need time to come around, and to leave the space. Thank you.
Please note: I cannot give refunds. For transfers I need at least 48 hours notice. If you'd like to give your ticket to a friend please let me know their name before the event. Thank you so much :-)