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We are a group of sourcing and manufacturing experts that have been doing business with China and India and other low-cost manufacturing countries for many years now. Doing business in these countries is never a walk in the park with many different complexities and hurdles that one needs to navigate around be it language, cultural differences or even just expectations. Collectively we can learn from each other’s experiences in order to conduct business more efficiently.

If you're interested in sharing your experiences and knowledge in this area or just interested in learning more about how you can be more effective and efficient when sourcing from such countries, join us.

Our knowledge is focused on manufacturing low-complexity industrial goods using manufacturing methods such as diecasting (https://www.sourcingallies.com/die-casting-aluminum-stainless-steel-zinc), metal stamping (https://www.sourcingallies.com/custom-metal-stamping), plastic injection moulding (https://www.sourcingallies.com/plastic-injection-moulding) and a few more. So please bring your expertise too.

We also love to share our knowledge and expertise. We have created a blog (https://www.sourcingallies.com/blog) with detailed tips for manufacturing and sourcing from China. To read it click HERE (https://www.sourcingallies.com/blog).

Our meetups will be informal and often over coffee or beer. So feel free to sign up let's grow this community.

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