Your best Manchester photo competition / showcase. FREE ENTRY.

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Your best Manchester photo competition / showcase. FREE ENTRY.



Once you click attending you should be able to upload ONE photograph please - per person, before the date of the "actual event " which is the closing date for entering your photograph.

This is an ONLINE ONLY event. - Just click attend and then you should be able to upload a photograph to the folder. DO NOT show up at Wex at midnight, no-one will be there except for other dazed and confused photographers.

WEX Manchester have been kind enough to offer a free sensor clean to the winning photograph. This would cost 30-50 pounds normally. Upload your photo to the album and WEX will judge the photograph.

Closing date for entries, Midnight Sunday 19th May..

May be prizes for runners up, if you have any photography related gear to offer for free, please add to the discussion below and we can offer items as prizes for runners up. (Leica cameras will be accepted)


Only one photograph per person.
Choose your best photograph from any genre - Based around the Manchester area.
Your own photographs only please.
By uploading Photographs you consent to us adding your photograph to our Instagram feed - We will credit you and link your feed were possible.
Photographs can be taken and uploaded from any format (film, mirrorless, DSLR, Smartphone, medium format, polaroid, wet plate, or any more if you can think of them)

The prize is a sensor clean, not transferable. You will need a DSLR or Mirrorless to be cleaned as I think mobile phones are difficult to sensor clean :)


This is the first time I have tried to do this in this way, MEETUP creates a folder before the "event" . There appears to be no other way to make it easier to just create a folder and upload files. !! If there are issues uploading, I will cancel this and find an easier way !! (Facebook or Instagram or some other platform, I heard Myspace is very popular nowadays :)