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Meet at a café, grab a coffee, and join in (or just listen to) a round table discussion of (mainly Software and Tech) Product Management Matters.

We like to be excellent to each other (https://simonwheatley.co.uk/manchester-product-coffee-code-of-conduct/) (aka code of conduct).

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Manchester Product Coffee – The Third


Manchester Product Coffee is a chance to meet up with your fellow Product Managers and Product Leaders, and talk shop over a beverage. For this meetup we'll chat about "communicating your roadmap". Does your roadmap have swim lanes or horizontal bars, and what does having those give you? Do you describe your roadmap in prose, or is it purely a visual? How does your roadmap communication vary when talking to different stakeholders? What even is a roadmap? Keen observation of Product Coffee users leads us to believe drinks might provide more value than cake, so nearer the time we'll send out details of how we might switch the sponsorship my company (Automattic) provides from cake to drinks.

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Manchester Product Coffee – The Second One

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