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Are you a fan of the "Waking Up Podcast"? Or influenced by Harris's writings on Consciousness, Neuroscience, Moral Philosophy, Spirituality and Meditation?

Are you intrigued by the the group of modern day thinkers dubbed "The Intellectual Dark Web"?

Personally, I'm not an expert on Sam Harris. From what I've seen of him he is one of the most thoughtful, incisive, articulate and gifted intellectuals. I find many of his ideas challenge my beliefs and presuppositions and make me question what I really know, even about my own experience of consciousness.

Topics could include: Harris's recent podcasts, his books, his debates, his interviews, his relationship with his critics, and more.

This is not explicitly a group for atheists. If that's what you're about, by all means come along. I happen to be agnostic myself. But my interests here are exploring Sam's ideas about Consciousness, Spirituality and Moral Philosophy.

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