• Drink Social

    Bøck Bière Café

    We have had nice, friendly and sociable pub social in Jan, therefore I thought I'd organise another drink social to hang out and chill in a pub! The event starts quite early, but don't worry, please feel free to come join us at any point. I've made a reservation at this Belgium beer bar. The pub serves food as well, so if you come with an empty stomach, you are welcome to try out their food!

  • Let's Talk in Mandarin/Taiwanese! #6

    WeWork No. 1 Spinningfields (Room MA)

    Let's have a chat in Mandarin and/or Taiwanese (and maybe with some help of English)! It's a more social-able language exchange so we don't mind if you come in with no knowledge of Taiwanese languages. Just come and have a friendly chat! The space is reserved from 6pm to 9pm, but feel free to come in at any point. Languages welcome: Mandarin, Taiwanese (Taigi), Hakka, Amis, Paiwan,... and English! Level requirement: any level