Manchester Web Meetup #7

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We are back for another meetup, this time hosted by BBC.
Please arrive by 6pm so you have time to grab a drink and a snack before the first talk.

Our great speakers are:

1) Joseph Schofield (@JoeTheScho) - Software Engineer at YLD

*A Talk of Ice & Fire*

In this talk, Joe will offer an introduction to the Node debugger CLI, including an overview of its features and how to use them. He will conclude with a brief demo on how using the debugger can help with investigating problems much quicker than writing a thousand console.logs!

2) Sean O'Mahoney (@Sean12697) - Software Engineer and final-year Computer Science Student, MMU

*Creating Your Own Static Website Generator*

Many people use popular client-side libraries such as React and Angular, although many don't consider server-side rendering like Vue, nevermind creating their own. In this session, Sean O'Mahoney will introduce you to the idea of creating your own static website generator, the performance benefits it has and how to create one in Node.js. In the demo, Sean will show you the simplicity of creating the framework to create your own generator, along with how it can be deployed on the web for free (with Netlify).

3) Josh Tumath (@JoshTumath) and Jonny Glancy (@jonnyglc) – Software Engineer and Software Engineering Team Lead at BBC

*BBC: Creating a data-driven and atomically designed website*

The BBC website has been around since almost the beginning of the Web, and like any website requires on-going work to keep it in line with the ever evolving Web standards, open source projects and tooling. Modern websites are fully personalised, efficient and fast, fuelled by greater consumer choice and the almost seemingly unlimited capabilities of the cloud.

We’re working on a project to improve the BBC website to make it more flexible and able to serve content in a way that our audiences want. To do that, we are building an atomic design system that will allow us to construct our website in whatever form the data needs. It’s early days, but we’ll talk about some of our technology choices and new practices in Web development that will make this possible.

A huge thank you to YLD for organising and BBC for hosting it.


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