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Hey there, Manc Webbers! 🐝🕸

We're pleased to announce October's Manc Web, taking place at Code Computerlove. We have two exciting talks lined up for you!

1) Mariot Tsitoara - Full Stack Developer, Human Network International
*Empowering JS apps with WebAssembly*

We constantly demand faster and faster results from our web applications, and WebAssembly is there to help us with this. The goal is not to rewrite your app in another language, but instead use other languages to empower your JS app. JS has its specialities, that’s why we like it, but it’s not a perfect language; there are some problems that JS can’t solve really well. That’s where WebAssembly enters the game; we are going to assign to WebAssembly any problem that JavaScript has a trouble resolving. Whether your app is a web oriented one with a need of speed or a Node app that need a little push, the talk is for you. Let WebAssembly do the heavy lifting in the browser and let JavaScript do what it does best. By using a bit of WebAssembly in our JS apps, we can reduce the number of calls to the server and do heavy calculations directly on the browser. Using WebAssembly to cover JavaScript’s drawbacks will make your application faster and most importantly, safer.

WebAssembly is not here to replace JavaScript, it is here to empower it.

2) Emanuil Tolev - Community Advocate, Elastic
*Building Healthy On-call Cover*

Not enough money, not enough people and certainly not enough time for all the best practices Google wrote about in that SRE book. What do? Come learn from our attempts to build a small team and provide on call cover without going mad - so you can do better than us.

This is a case study of being the sole person on-call for a website, 24/7 over three years; the quality of life effects, eventual burnout, lessons learned, and ultimately, the renegotiated healthier on-call process and small team that came out of it.


A huge thanks to YLD for organising and sponsoring refreshments, and to Code Computerlove for hosting us.


YLD is one of Europe's fastest growing software engineering consultancies. We build exciting products and platforms in React / Node.js for Trainline, Vogue, The Economist and many more.

The team is committed the open source community aiming to create a long-standing engineering culture and delivery capability in each piece of work.

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