The Philosophy of Good and Evil

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Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

Price: £3.00 /per person
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Why is there evil in the world? What causes people to behave in evil ways? Is human nature basically good or evil?
...Questions about the existence, nature and causes of evil have continued to perplex philosophers and theologians throughout the ages - but what do YOU think?

In this meetup we’ll be exploring the concepts of good and evil – and how they relate to morality, personal ethics, religion, law and government.
Here are some of the topics we’ll be discussing on the night:

• What is the difference between ‘good’ and ‘evil’?
• What is morality? What makes a person act morally or immorally?
• Are evil people born that way, or does life make them evil?
• Do people always have a choice between doing good or evil?
• What is the relationship between law, government and morality?
• Without religion do you think people would be more or less evil?
• Why are humans so fascinated by acts of evil?
• Can evil ever be good?

Manchester Armchair Philosophers is an informal discussion group made up of a friendly mix of people from a variety of different backgrounds.
We meet on the 3rd Wednesday evening of each month to talk about interesting topics in philosophy (other subjects too) and you don't need to have a philosophy degree or expert knowledge to take part!

If you are joining us for the first time, feel free to get a drink when you arrive at the Lloyds then go up to the first floor function room where we meet.

Please note there is a £3 admission fee (£2 concessions).

Looking forward to seeing you there,
Anna (Event host)