Tabletop Twitch Stream - DMs Workshop - "Learning the basics with a Q&A"

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We know that there's a bunch of people out there that would love to try DMing but have no idea where to get started. In an effort to bring you more opportunities to learn and grow as Dungeon Masters — whether you've run before or are just getting starter, we've launched up a Twitch Series so you can get all the answers to all those burning questions you have!

Questions like:

- How do I handle troublesome players?
- What can I do to make sure my games are balanced?
- Which is the best way to run a Mystery?
- What's the difference in writing a One Shot and a Long Shot?

We'll do our best to answer any questions you offer (related to D&D of course), all you have to do is tune into our Twitch Channel on the 25th of August and ask away. KD Smith ( a DM with over a decades worth of experience ) will be playing some fantasy side scrollers and answering all questions that come his way. You can find the link to our channel below, make sure to follow it so you know when we're going live:

This event isn't just for people looking to run in the Everfall Society either, we welcome questions from all aspects of D&D, so if you're looking to run a home game for the first time this could be a valuable opportunity to quell a few of those worries. DMing is a hell of a lot of fun to get involved in, and it's one of those things that gets easier with experience and knowledge, there's nothing to fear!