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Welcome to this brand new group! We created this because we love meetup but thought the kind of nights involving activities beyond drinking were missing. There are so many amazing fun activities and cool spots in Manchester. Most of them have bars too, but if the activity is the focus, drinking could be optional.

I'm hoping this group will be a great way to learn more about our wonderful city, as well as try new activities in an open and relaxed environment.

Hoping to do one event a month and really open to feedback and suggestions.

Types of events I'm thinking of:

• Junkyard Golf (at HOME)

• Baseball Cage (BaseMCR)

• Axe throwing (Whistle Punks)

• Indoor Go Karting (Team Sports under Victoria Station)

• Escape Rooms (Lucardo, EscapeHunt, Breakout Manchester etc)

• Archery and archery tag (The ArcherType)

• Pitch and Putt (at Heaton Park)

• Virtual Hideout (VR games)

• Laser Quest (at Parrs Wood or Trafford Centre)

• Bowling (at Parrs Wood or at Dog Bowl or All Star Lanes)

• Pool night (Roxy Ball Room or Black Dog Ballroom)

• Darts night (Flight club)

• Table Tennis (Roxy Ball Room or Twenty Twenty Two)

• Arcade game night (NQ64 or 17 Below or Bury Arcade)

• Manchester's Crystal Maze

• Indoor Golf (The Green)

• Chill Factore (Indoor Skiing near Trafford Centre)

... I'm sure as a community we can find more ;)

Share the group with other meetup people. New members always welcome and will always be made to feel comfortable.

Please note: We estimate that most events will cost members around £20, some events may be cheaper, others (like Crystal Maze) up to £50. We will always state the cost on the event and encourage members to pay directly at the event or online in advance. This group is not for profit :)

Upcoming events (2)

Manchester’s “More than just drinks... URBAN AXE THROWING”

Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing – Manchester


Hello and welcome to the group’s second official event! This time we will be trying our hand at Manchester’s Hipster-iest place; Whistle Punks, for urban axe throwing. I know it didn’t rank too high in the polls, but I took into consideration comments in the discussion and chatting to people at other events. Again, it’s a Saturday night event, but I did negotiate us one free drinks or snack token for the night. ——————————————————- Price: The price is £25 per person for a full session of Axe Throwing, including a full introduction and practice session and then friendly tournament. Payment MUST be received in full before 5th November as I need to pay in advance before the event. Maximum capacity is 40 people. Please pay into this money pool this time: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8iQyLhhU2f NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT PAY IN ADVANCE YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE EVENT SO THAT OTHER PEOPLE CAN ATTEND INSTEAD. ——————————————————— Event Logistics: Meet at 7pm at the venue, it can be tricky to find, just trust the map! There’s a bar just inside and tables with some small games to keep us occupied until our slot at 7:30pm. We are arriving early as we need to review a disclaimer and sign some insurance form before we can play. I thought it would also be nice to meet and chat so we can form the groups for the actual event. ——————————————————— Event Tips: This is one of my favourite places in Manchester centre. There’s a big bar with drinks, fun side games, friendly staff and axe throwing is such a different thing to try. I think this is a great place for a Meetup to make new friends and meet new people. The focus will be on the Axe Throwing, so there will be fewer awkward introductions and silences, but lots of opportunities to chat and mingle if you wish. If you’ve never done anything like this, don’t worry, the staff provide a full introduction and explanation and will help you every step of the way. Dress for a night out! See you soon!

Manchester's "More than just drinks... ARCADE GAMES (@NQ64) too!"

Hello and welcome to the group’s third official event! This time we will be meeting at the underground arcade bar; NQ64! This will be a much more casual affair compared to previous events by MTJDs. It's free entry and doesn't require advance booking or payment. There's a bar, and arcade game tokens can be purchased individually, so you can spend as little or as much as you like! ——————————————————- Price: There is no entry fee to the venue. Machines work on a token system. They cost £5 for 15 tokens, games take a mixture of 1 or 2 tokens. ——————————————————— Event Logistics: Meet at 7pm at the venue, follow the map or use Google. We can meet in the space outside the front of the venue. Or send a message when you arrive and I'll run out and grab you! We can't hire out the venue, so there will be a mix of meetuppers and non-meetuppers at the venue. As I said, this one is way more casual. Newcomers will be introduced to everyone else obviously, and we can always find our own little corner of the venue! ——————————————————— Event Tips: It's going to be way more casual than the other Meet-ups we do, but come along and try something new. There's a full bar with drinks and cocktails. No dress code. Just fun and games! Check out the website here: https://nq64.co.uk See you soon!

Past events (2)

Manchester's "More than just drinks... JUNKYARD GOLF!"

Junkyard Golf Club


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