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Learn Mandarin or Cantonese? Welcome, Nei Hou!

The best way to learn a language is to use it right?

Let's improve through Cantonese- Mandarin language exchange, in a fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere. I'm a local citizen living in HK when I was a baby and learning the Mandarin language (finally!), so I also want to get some good practice out of it .

Moreover, this group is subsidiary of Cantonese-English language exchange created by Simon. Many thanks his support!!

We have our regular gathering every Wed or Fri at Sheung Wan and we also have weekend gatherings once a month. Click "Pages" above to find out more and come join in...

We are 1 Mandarin Speaker to 2 Cantonese speakers for our weekday gatherings

Weekday gathering arrangement as follows :

Time : 7-9pm

Schedule :

First half hour : Mandarin practice

Second half hour : Cantonese practice

8pm-Partner Rotate : Let you guys to meet more members!!!

Third half hour : Mandarin practice

Forth half hour : Cantonese practice

Our weekend gatherings are free talk with each other. e.g. tea time, hiking & dinner, festival gatherings, lunch, charity activites, etc.

學習語言最佳方法就是多練習,對嗎 ?

一齊在廣東話 / 普通話 交流中學者,一個有趣、友善和互助的環境。
我是一個由從小到大居住在香港的香港人, ( 終於 ) 學習普通話,所以我希望可以多進行練習。

我們多數逢星期六中午和星期三/星期五晚在上環進行活動。 按此 了解更多和參加詳情

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Two Chinachem Plaza

352-Language Exchange - Mandarin - Cantonese

Two Chinachem Plaza

351-Language Exchange - Mandarin - Cantonese

Two Chinachem Plaza

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