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Let’s get together and socialize in Mandarin. We hold a variety of events that promote speaking Mandarin and connecting with other Mandarin speakers.

I organized the largest Mandarin speaking Meetup group in San Francisco and now that I’m based out of Los Angeles, I want to build the same community here.

Here’s what to expect:

- A Mandarin-only environment. Beginner/non-native speakers are welcome, but you should be capable of holding a basic conversation in Mandarin. Many of our non-Chinese members have studied or worked in Asia and are intermediate/advanced Mandarin speakers.

- Our main Meetup is the first Friday of the month. We meet at a large venue and people eat, drink, and socialize in Mandarin. We stay on our feet to promote mingling.

- Every few weeks or so we hold smaller Mandarin-themed sit-down events such as lunch/dinner, karaoke, trivia night, board games, etc. to promote socializing in Mandarin in smaller groups.

Hope you can join us. I look forward to speaking Mandarin with you.

• 全中文的环境。欢迎初学者和非中文母语者参加,不过您需要掌握基本的中文会话能力。许多与会的非华裔成员曾经在亚洲工作或就学,并有中阶/高阶的中文会话能力。
• 主要聚会时间为每个月的第一个星期五。我们会在一个大型场地一起吃喝,并用中文交流。为了让彼此更加融入,聚会将以站立走动的形式进行。
• 每隔几周,我们会举办较小规模的中文主题活动,例如聚餐、KTV、趣味问答之夜和桌游等等,在小团队中促进中文交流。

• 全中文的環境。歡迎初學者和非中文母語者參加,不過您需要掌握基本的中文會話能力。許多與會的非華裔成員曾經在亞洲工作或就學,並有中階/進階的中文會話能力。
• 主要聚會時間為每個月的第一個星期五。我們會在一個大型場地一起吃喝,並用中文交流。為了讓彼此更加融入,聚會將以站立走動的形式進行。
• 每隔幾週,我們會舉辦較小規模的中文主題活動,例如聚餐、KTV、機智問答和桌遊等等,在小團隊中促進中文交流。


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Westside Mandarin Mixer

Corner Bakery Cafe

It's time for our monthly Mandarin Mixer! I hope to bring together the West LA Mandarin-speaking community and also make it more convenient for those of you who can't always make it out to SGV. For newcomers, here's what to expect: - Members gather together to chat in Mandarin, sip drinks, snack on some appetizers, and make new friends. - The official event time is from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, but feel free to come and go as it suits your schedule. I will be there at 6:00 pm to welcome everyone. - Please order at least one menu item to support our venue. The continued success of this Meetup relies on our ability to find good venues that can generously accommodate our group. I look forward to speaking Mandarin with you all! Eric

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Monthly Mandarin Mixer Meetup (SGV)


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