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Monthly Mega Meetup: Now for something new!

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Dajia hao!

It's time for something new! But before announcing that, I'd like to thank Sam for his help in putting together Dimsum meetups and see if I can recruit any more volunteers. Anyone up for organizing a... let's see, for example a "Hike While we Speak Mandarin" event, "Drink Cha and Speak Hanyu" event, or anything thing else you could dream up that sounds like fun for you and our members? Let me know and I can make you an event organizer. I'd like to see us get some more diversity into our calendar. So... calling all volunteers!!!

And now for our new location: Next Meetup will be a test run for a new venue, Rosa Mexicano. I spoke with management and their Mondays are slow and they can carve out the space, even a private room for our events. So let's give it a whirl and see how we like it!

As usual, please be sure to order one drink, or an appetizer to keep our venues happy (and sorry, water doesn't count as "one" drink ; ) This is important since without your participation in keeping venues happy they might make us "guarantee the bar" or pay for the space. As long as you order a little bit of this or that, it will be good enough. And, oh yea, don't forget to tip : )

Our group gets more awesome by the year. Can't wait to see you all in our new tester location. Let's see what we think.