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Beginner Mandarin Lesson

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Our Beginner lesson is designed for Mandarin learners who want to learn social conversations. Our goal is by the end of each lesson, you will be able to talk, in Mandarin, about a topic that is relevant to you; such as:

The type of music you like. Your next travel destination. The tennis match you have watched. Your pet. Your movie preference. etc etc etc...

Each week, we will have a lesson theme (Sports, Music, Hobbies etc) to talk about. You will learn to describe relevant situations, talk about your experiences and express your opinions. From that, we will discuss the common grammatical rules for daily conversation.

In Beginner level, we will cover:

pronunciation practices (take the latest tongue twister challenge)

sentence construction (it's not that hard! seriously! )

vocabulary build-up

writing (optional)


In you are an absolute beginner, we strongly recommend you to learn the PinYin phonetic system before attending lessons. There are numerous online resources you can use. we recommends: (

If you are an iPhone user, we recommend the free app, PinPin.

If you need help in PinYin, please contact the organisers and we may be able to arrange a short face-to-face session for you.



Are there any requirement for Beginner level?

There is no requirement for attending Beginner lesson. However, we strongly recommend to learn the Mandarin phonetic system before attending

I haven't attended previous lessons, do I need to catch up?

No. every lesson is a standalone session. You can attend them independently.

What material will MyPace provide?

We will give out our own vocabulary-based handout every lesson to help you with the conversation. But usually you will learn more than that as the lesson develops, so you may need to take your own notes.

What do I need to bring to lesson?

Please bring a notebook and a pen, and if you are very organised, bring a file/ folder for your handout.

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