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Rules and Guidelines:

Mommy and Me Playgroup thrives through the generosity of its members and our community. We require that all members abide by the following rules in order to ensure an active and engaging experience for all members and their children.

1. New Members: As part of the enrollment process, each new mom is required to attend a trial playdate within the first week of applying for this group. After the trial playdate occurs and you decide to join; we require that you pay the $20 annual dues to the group Treasurer. We accept PayPal, check, and cash. Once dues are received we will add you to our group and you will have full access to our Facebook page as well as the Meetup app.
2. Hosting/Attendance Policy: We ask that all of our members meet a minimum requirement of hosting 1 playdate and attending 1 playdate (hosted by another mom) each month (TWO PLAYDATES/MONTH). This ensures that we have a calendar full of events throughout the month for members to choose from. While this is the minimum requirement, more participation is highly encouraged.
• If you are unable to meet this requirement please inform the Attendance Coordinator.
• Moms with newborns up to three months of age are given a hiatus to the attendance requirements.
• Any mothers or children with medical conditions are also excused so long as you communicate this to the board and inform them of the amount of time needed for recovery.
3. Three Strike Policy: If a member is unable to meet both requirements of hosting their own playdate and attending another mom’s playdate (two playdates each month) they will get a strike against them. Three Strikes and you will be kindly asked to leave the group. Members who are removed from the group go into a suspension period of three months before they can reapply to the group. They will have to pay the membership fee again in order to be added back in.
4. No Show Rule: Members who RSVP need to inform the host if they cannot make the event. If you RSVP “yes” it is a requirement that you notify host if you cannot make the playdate. Host should report “no shows” to the attendance coordinator and this will count as an automatic strike against you for the month.
5. Cancellation of Playdate: If you cancel a playdate as a host, it is your responsibility to communicate with all the members who RSVP’d to your playdate. Cancelled playdates need to be rescheduled in order to meet hosting requirement.
5. Voluntarily Leaving the Group: If at any time a member decides they want to leave or take a break from the group they must notify a board member. You will be removed from the meetup app as well as the Facebook page. You are always welcome to re-join, however you will be asked to pay the membership fee again at that time.
6. Board: At the start of each year, we ask that interested members volunteer to fulfill the available board positions. Participation is greatly appreciated.

2017-2018 Board
Michaele Lyness, Attendance Coordinator
Melanie Mathis, Treasurer/VP of Finance Coordinator
Elizabeth Murray, New Member Coordinator
Darcy Stockman, Social Event Coordinator

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