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In all probability this group will close soon, but I have recently become an Organizer of SF Young Professionals Book Club and may host the occasional manga discussion there in the future, so check it out:


This is a book club to discuss artsy Japanese-style comics.

Japan is unique in having a mainstream and auteurist comics industry that covers all subjects, typically in an image-driven, expressionistic style. It is three times the size of America's in absolute terms and accounts for about one-third of book and magazine sales there.[1][2] About half of Japanese comics are for kids and half for adults.[3] There is also a lot of crossover. Protagonists are often teenagers regardless, a far-reaching trend in hardworking Japan, similar to how American movies tend to be about young adults.

America's industry was ghettoized by the Comics Code from 1954, which said, for instance, "In every instance good shall triumph over evil."[4] Meanwhile, Japan's exploded under the influence of Osamu Tezuka, who from 1947 introduced film editing techniques and deep content.

We sometimes discuss non-Japanese comics, but text-heavy thriller sagas such as representative of the American scene are not our focus.

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