• Building the Agile Social-AI Brain


    • What we'll do - Agile Life, Agile Brain, Agile Teams and Agile Markets - Agile Innovation Protocol for Social-AI Networks - Manhattan Project 2018 - Implementing Genetic Optimal Design - the most used algorithm on Earth

  • AI Concept Fusion Reactors

    HBC - 31st floor

    - TCP1P: The Social-AI Internet Algorithm - Fusing Services of Innovators, Coders and Investors - AI Trinity Test: Fusing Einstein's Letter to POTUS with a Cambridge Analytica Campaign and Bitcoin Voting into a Social AI Chain Reaction Agenda: 5:30 - Networking, pizza and beer 6:00 - Introductions, sponsor and jobs - Chris Reynolds 6:10 - The Human-AI Language to fuel Concept Fusion Reactors - Stefan Ianta 6:45 - Q & A 7:00 - Networking Directions: The easiest way to get to HBC office is by heading up the large stone staircase within the Brookfield Place Winter Garden. Our security desk is on the second level right between Hudson Eats and Equinox. There will be a folding table off to the side with an HBC sign. That's where you can pick up your ID badge to grant you access. Please provide in advance to the organizers, by Feb 15 your first and last name for the printing of your access badge.

  • 1st Human-AI Blockchain Reaction Experiment

    Columbia University, Pupin Physics Laboratories, Room 214

    Manhattan Project 2017 - Anatomy of Change, Innovation and Disruption - From Deep Learning to Deep Social Networking - From Fermi's Chicago Pile 1 to Code Pile 1 and AIR1 - 1st Human-AI Blockchain Reaction Experiment - AI Transforming Einstein's letter to POTUS - How to Automate Wall Street, PTOs, PMOs and COEs with Reactive AI Contracts