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Beautiful luxury hotel bars and lounges are both relaxing and stimulating. And they neither have to come with a pretentious attitude nor an outrageous price tag. This meetup group will have nothing to do with pretense, but will have everything to do with kindness, generosity of spirit, intellectual discussion, and exciting nights on the town.

Many of our favorite hotels are conveniently bunched between 55th and 60th streets, which makes for easy venue-hopping. The St. Regis, the Peninsula, the Parker Meridien, the Four Seasons, the Plaza, the Ritz-Carlton, the Mandarin Oriental. On the East Side are the Pierre, the Plaza Athenee, the Surrey and the Carlyle. We'll certainly hit up the "trendy" hotels as well, among them the Standards, the Gansevoorts, the W's, and the Dreams. And many more.

While we may have some of our parents' tastes, this is definitely NOT our parents' meetup. This group is oriented to those in their 20s, 30s and 40s (and a few beyond that if they can keep up).

We'll also sometimes go to cultural events and to hear live music. You may additionally find us on various types of boats. And whether it's on a hotel rooftop or in a lovely park, when good weather beckons us outside, we can't resist.

If somehow you got the impression that this is not a "party" meetup, think again. This is essentially a party meetup. Non-drinkers are welcome, but as a group we will often be drinking. Drinking, talking, having great conversations.

I said that this was essentially a party meetup, but that's not quite correct. We are essentially a group of very kind, thoughtful, down-to-earth and well-intentioned people, who are on the intellectual side and love to talk about ideas of all kinds. And love to have scintillating and delightful nights on the town while doing so. Is this you? Then you've found your home.

This is intended as a small meetup group, and we are planning to have relatively small events. We'll be starting with events for 10-12 people, and perhaps later allowing as many as 20 people at certain events. Most of all we are looking for a quality experience for everyone, not to have a large party with random strangers. Thank you.

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