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Hi All!
Welcome new members! Apologies to my trusty manifesters! It has been a while...another wild ride in 2022.
But we are now half way through. What goals did you have for the new year? Let’s steer away from resolutions and let’s always turn it towards Manifestations. What’s the difference you ask? Resolutions or things we resolve to fix or change manifestation or things we dream even when things seem impossible or life is in turmoil will you bring and send out into the universe things that we envision, new thoughts, new ways of bringing joy in a time of uncertainty. When manifestation group journaling was created, it was just originally a group to create a vision in the form of an art journal a simple expression of things that inspire and bring positive thoughts. But in the time since its conception it’s evolved just as we have evolved and will continue to.

I know it’s been difficult the last six months for us and our meetings have been hitting snags here and there but our group is increasing in size which tells me that many out there are ready to contribute and those who attended the early sessions, don’t lose hope still here.

For those who are new, we are a group where art skills are not required...just grab anything you have. I will post an old supply list...look around for whatever you already have. But start with a sketchbook, journal, notebook, ...essentially a book of paper! I was going to cancel the group, but seeing new members coming in and the fact that we all need a way to express ourselves after the last two years, I decided to try to keep us together. Feel free to look through the group photos. You can find them in the older meetings or the Photo section. I have included copyright-free papers you can print to use. Some of our members have shared their work as well...... hold tight, a meeting will be posted soon! Feel free to introduce yourselves here in the discussion!!

Art is expressed individually. We will start with a goals and dreams board for the new year and set you off on your year of creative journaling!
We all have a story to tell! Whether you are seeking to find a way to connect with your inner self, trying to make progress while battling life challenges, seeking healing and self-acceptance, The most important thing is to find others to connect with. This group was started as an in-person Meetup group and due to restrictions, we temporarily (hopefully) will be meeting online. It is not the typical "journaling" class. It is about integrating art and self-expression into your story. 
Come and join the movement towards healing and reframing your story by manifesting your goals and visions.

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Hi all! It has been a while since our last meeting. Thank you for hanging in there those of you who have been waiting patiently. If you are not able to continue with us or are interested in being a part of our special group please update your status.

I want to be sure since it has been a while that we have an accurate count moving forward. Due to Covid and other factors, (as we discussed), I apologize for the long lapse Of scheduling a meeting. When we first started the group we actually were able to meet physically. But due to Covid like many others, we transitioned to virtual. This also allows those who are not in our area to be participants in this very creative and expressive group.

I have scheduled a meeting in August and wanted to do it early enough to give everyone a chance to work it into their schedule if possible. As I mentioned in our last meeting I am open to other days, but it seemed that Friday was a good day for most in our last couple sessions. Since many are new and it has been a while, I will be posting some repetitive information just to give everyone an idea of how we came together.

I will post in the discussion group thread an introduction of ideas and thoughts so that over the next few weeks you will be able to work on putting some ideas together. I also will repeat the post that indicates what type of materials you may have lying around, that you can certainly use. This does not require anything special, any advanced art knowledge or skill, just a desire to interact and share with others. I hope to see you all soon.

Please do RSVP and if closer to the date you are not able to make the meeting, please update any status at that time. Here’s to another good start. We don’t give up. We just keep moving forward. Regards, Sophia

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