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Hello, hello, HELLO!!! Welcome to the, "Manifesting your DREAMS through Vibrational HEALING!", group!

My name is Steph and I have been a Reiki, Light, Energy worker .... you take your pick, *wink*,and counselor for 3 years, but truly have been doing such work without knowing it ALL my life! No wonder various things I would, "Wish", for throughout the years have ALWAYS been delivered, and I TRULY want to share my gifts with you!

***The Universe compensates/gives to those who recompense***

Helping people HEAL their lives is my calling and I LOVE doing so! Believe me when I say ,,, this career chose me ... so I'm here for you, *Hug and Smile*.

Without making anything complicated, or better yet, in, "Layman terms", if your VIBRATIONS are out of whack, your life is out of whack and I teach the skills in order to say GOODBYE to spinning your wheels and frustration!!! Doesn't that sound GREAT???!!! Gimme a, "WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!", to that! : D

With all the FEAR circulating in this world at the moment, we ALL need help with understanding/recognizing HOW and WHY we are feeling the way we are and most importantly, HOW to either heighten it, (if positive), or deplete it, (if negative).

The quote I woke up to writing in the middle of the night is this:

"You must LEARN to LISTEN. Listening brings KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge brings POWER." - Steph Churchill

Now .... what HONESTLY is better in the WHOLE WORLD than being in COMPLETE control over every aspect of YOUR life? NOTHING!!! So let's get you started, yes? With a little bit of elbow grease and passion, ANYthing is possible!

Our group meetings will vary, depending on, well, the Universe and what is needed and shown interest by all!

Topics covered will include:

* Vibrations and healing *** Common Denominator ****
* Manifesting - whatever your little heart desires, : D
* Energy fields - how IMPORTANT each are to keep in balance for ++ Health
* Nutrition - BEYOND important, and I grew up overweight, so I know a thing or two!
* The 12 Universal Laws - Understanding each of them and how they correspond with
everyday life.
* Meditation - "How do I do it?"; "Why is it so good for me?", etc.
* Chakras - YOU WILL KNOW THESE when I'm done with you, LOL!!!
* Reiki - "What is it?"; "How does it benefit everyone?", "Can I do it?", etc.
* Essential Oils - How each are used to promote healing in all aspects of life
* Crystals - What exactly they are, and how and why they are used in healing
* Music/Sound healing
* Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters
* Addictions
* EGO - "What is it?"; "Why is it considered bad?"; "How do I control it?"

Lastly, I can't stress enough how much passion I have to see people TAKE BACK what was, and has ALWAYS been there, which is their LIGHT that is yearning to shine again from within! Know that you are NOT ALONE, and honestly ... it was groups JUST LIKE THIS ONE that catapulted me into understanding just how AMAZING my life can be once I understood WHAT TO DO!!! If you can't tell already, it goes without saying that I make sure everyone has FUN while doing so as well, ; ).

I truly look forward to meeting you and not only do **I** thank you for taking the time to show interest in healing, but BELIEVE me ... your SPIRIT does more than you know as well. It is what brought you here.

Please do not hesitate ... the time is NOW!

Namaste kind souls, 0: )

Steph C

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