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I'm Teza Zialcita an Akashic Records healer, teacher, nurse and Author of Universal Conscious Self from Vancouver B.C. I would like to extend, support and teach Akashic Records in the Philippines.

I will be reaching out to you all to assist in your access to your Akashic Records, which is a very powerful healing tool. It helps you shift your vibration and consciousness into a much lighter and higher ways. Aligning you to your highest potential and fulfillment in this lifetime. Welcome to the Akashic Records.


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Akashic Records Level One Workshop

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Welcome to Akashic Records Soul Healing Mystic School. Thank you so much Krish Enriquez Rai for co-hosting this sacred space with me. I am so honored to be your Akashic teacher from Canada. For those who are new to me, I have been here for 40 yrs and my background as a profession is nursing, for almost 29 yrs. I had retired two yrs ago and went part time this yr. I became a published author of 4 books about Akashic Records. It had been my passion to teach this spiritual path. I had been teaching for 12 yrs now.

I will be teaching this in zoom every Sat am at 1030 Philippines time for 6 weeks. Please register and confirm with Krish. I will be your guide to help you clear your blockages, understand what you signed for in this incarnation and tap into your highest potential. Thank you so much for your trust and kindness. Looking forward to working with you. Details are below.

What are the Akashic Records?
Akashic Records are vibrations of all our thoughts, words, actions and intentions in the ether, all timelines, dimensions and space. They are our blueprints to know our soul's journeys. When these records are brought into alignment, we can achieve our highest potential. My intention in teaching this is to simplify the vast and complex nature of Akashic Records for you.

I will assist you in opening your Akashic Records and receive initiations from the Masters. I started the Akashic Soul Healing Mystic Certification School in 2009 to help you understand your blueprint, clear karma and empower your Divine coded life. This workshop teaches students to consciously open and work with their own Soul Records and the following benefits are experienced:

- Access your own Akashic Records

- Be in a space of forgiveness

- Release and clear negative energies, blockages from all timelines

- Clear and delete vows/contracts/agreements from your Records

- Healing unresolved issues, unconscious negative beliefs, patterns and conditioning from ancient lineage/bloodlines and DNA

- Building relationships with Ascended Masters/Archangels/angels

- Seeing the bigger picture of your soul's purpose

- Deeper sense of relationships and connection to the Divine

- Increasing your intuition, psychic awareness and other divine gifts

Above is a short list of all we can accomplish together. With Divine guidance, directions and messages you will integrate your soul’s purpose. According to the blueprint and grand design of your soul by co-creating a life that is lived in its highest potential for the good of all.

Requirements before the healing session:

No alcohol or street drugs consumption before or during the healing.

Prepare your questions and intentions for the healing session.

Prepare your sacred space by lighting a candle, smudging and calling your spiritual guides for protection.

Bring your journal to write your Records and practice while in the class. You will be writing your experiences for 6 weeks in your daily journal with your own Akashic Records. Every Sat when we meet in Zoom, share your experiences and questions to guide you deeper into your Records.

You will be receive a pdf copy of Cosmic Soul which is the manual for this teaching. You will also receive a recorded pod cast, facebook group to monitor the group's progress and questions and we will meet in Zoom for 6 weeks.

Thank you so much and looking forward to meeting you all beautiful souls. There is also a limited seats in this class, so pls register asap.


Fee: Pesos 8,000
Please payment to Krish email address:

Karma Clearing with the Masters of Light certification

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In my studies with the Akashic Records, I realized that Karma clearing is a major aspect for elevating our human consciousness. With the support and guidance of the Masters of Light, we will have the knowledge, spiritual tools and protection that we need to navigate in this timeline. I will share the activations of these Masters to help you clear and learn the lesson to be able to move with courage in your current timeline. Here are Masters of Light that we will study throughout these workshops. You will receive a pdf, podcast, private facebook group and activations from the current topic.
1. Archangel Metaron and the Merkabah
2. Archangel Michael and Diamond Blue Ray of Light
3. Saint Germain and the Violet Flame
4. Seraphim
5. The Lords of Karma
6. Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalene
7. The Sevenfold Flame of the Mighty Seven Elohim of Creation
8. Lord Shiva
9. Lord Krishna

Pls contact Krish for details of payment, thank you so much!

Soul’s investment: $33 per wk

Akashic Records Level 2 workshop

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Welcome to our Akashic Records Level Two Certification! It is a requirement that you had done your Akashic Records Level One Certification. We are honored to have you dig deep into the studies of Akashic Records.

"Many are called but few are chosen." If you feel that you are ready for this, please contact me and let us talk. This workshop is an intense level of studies and practice with other participants. This is via zoom and 8 wks course of reading others and presenting the case every week to the class for evaluation and support on how you can improve your access via Akashic Records.

What are you learning?
- purification of your soul's path
- detoxification and release of karmic bondage
- reading others with precision and clarity
- learning your own ancient karmic patterns
- collapsing timelines into being a wholesome soul's hologram
- learning tools to manifest your dreams
- building a tribe and belonging
- mastery of your soul's destiny
- understanding your mission
- diving deep with your core values
- expansion, collaboration and exponential growth of your relationships


Pls contact Krish for payment plan, thank you so much🙏

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Akashic Records Level One Workshop

Needs a location

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