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Any Christian welcome to join! This is not an evangelical group format initially but plans would be to have a non-Christian business teaching outreach in time. This group is for real Christians. Not by your mouth , alone, but by your life a Christian. Baptized as an adult by choice as Jesus showed you was needed to be done, and interested in building and contributing to the Christian world. Calling all Christian Business People, Pastors, Ministers and Leaders, and Christians(Christ-like followers of Jesus) God spoke clearly to his people that we are to build the kingdom, support and invest in the kingdom, and make this and the gospel of Jesus Christ our focus. One place where churches are in desperate need of investing their time attention and efforts is in Building the kingdom. That doesn't just mean churches, it means everything else including preaching God's word on these principles, and empowering your people and congregations with Kingdom building marketplace principles Including social investing, a dedicated first step life of CB2CB (Christian Business 2 Christian Business) Networking and business dealings, HR departments for Christians not just for the church but the entire community of Christians, and much more. The Christian body is completely segregated from each other in the marketplace, and competing with the enemy in the marketplace and doing nothing about it. This group is the beginning to the end of that situation. Let us come together and build the proper form of wholly-functioning Kingdom body. This group will eventually have speakers of the highest subject matter and calibre available in the marketplace on all issues in Business, Finance, in a Christian kingdom building perspective. We will work together with the aim of building the completely missing Christian Kingdom Building in the marketplace that our Christian people desperately need.

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After November 15th , in just 8 short weeks, I plan to begin seminars in Manila for Christians on such topics as Christian Business Networking, Kingdom Building, Investing, and Biblical Financial Principles. Once the group is built, I will hand it off to a capable Director.

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