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Welcome to Mantra Chanting!
If you have experienced chanting before, you'll know how GOOD it feels :-) ...If you haven't, you will love it!

We use simple sanskrit 'seed sounds', such as the universal sound, 'Om', to raise our vibration and bring us back into our natural state of harmony and joy. We also explore other beautiful mantras to clear and balance the chakras more specifically.

Chanting is wonderfully good for us! It...
• Revitalises us through the deep, rhythmic breathing and sound vibration – a wonderful internal massage
• Balances our nervous and endocrine systems, calming and uplifting us
• Allows our tensions to melt, so we can awaken to our deep, loving connection with ourselves, each other and the universal energy.

Your voice is a wonderful tool for transformation. You don't need to be able to sing in tune – we are expressing from our hearts and resonating our bodies! These are lovely friendly groups – and you are very welcome!

Past events (10)

Oasis of Sound - Healing Chant & Meditation

Church of the Ascension, Stirchley

*Chanting for Healing* with Sarah Westwood

Needs a location

*Chanting for Healing* with Sarah Westwood

Birmingham Buddhist Centre

*Chanting for Healing* with Sarah Westwood

Birmingham Buddhist Centre

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