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New year new you? Let's get together and create a vision for for life path..this includes creating your own vision board..meditation and mantras. Lots of laughter and talking..refreshments included.

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Mantra Magic, loving through loss

Needs a location

Hi and welcome, have you experienced the loss of a loved one and struggle moving past it? Let's talk about it! I'll share what helped me!

Mantra Magic (removing subconscious blocks)

Needs a location

Hi and welcome to Mantra Magic. I believe in the power of words and their impact on our lives..let's create the life we desire!..refreshments included.

Mantra magic..Losing v/s Loosing! (There's a difference)

Hi and welcome, does everyone in your life seem to just DISAPPEAR?!..Sometimes those removals play a vital part in your growth! Let's talk about the difference between Losing someone and Loosing them! Theres IS difference! Refreshments will be served.

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