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This is a meditation group for people interested in experiencing higher awareness, peace and balance in their life. I will be teaching Mantra Meditation which helps to focus the mind on Divine consciousness. It helps release negative thought patterns and creates a pathway for higher awakening. The body, mind, and soul is aligned. The practice gradually calms the breath, which in turn calms the mind. Awareness is internalized and focused within. With regular practice one attains a higher state of consciousness, joy, bliss, and tranquility in life.

My Guru is the Nature, the Himalayan Mountains, the Ganges river, and all souls from whom I have learnt valuable lessons in my life. I love sharing the experiences of my spiritual journey with other souls. My life purpose is to spread the message of unity, peace, harmony, and love in all beings. Life is short, let us make it more meaningful by sending out positive energy to everybody around us and to the whole world. I warmly invite you to join me in our upcoming class. Come with an open mind and heart to dive deeper within.

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