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Welcome to Many-Tongued Talkers, Readers and Filmgoers of Montreal (MTTRFM), where we watch people have conversations on screen, read about such conversations and then have them ourselves. The idea of the group is simple: we watch international films or read stories or novels — and our conversations are in the same language as in the film or reading.

Okay, so that sounds simple but high stakes. Here's the breakdown:

FILM CLUB: The language of each film is announced in the title by its two-letter code (ES/DE/RU, etc.). If you speak that language, even as a beginner, and you are able to have even a modest conversation in that language, come along and join that meeting. We'll have a regularly rotating mix of languages. Just wait for what you can manage.

READING CLUB: It's much more work for a language learner to read fiction in a secondary language. But when you are ready, please come to our reading clubs. You are, of course, encouraged to read them in the original (or as much as you can) but the discussions must be in the same language as the short story (eventually we might work our way up to reading novels but we'll start with short stories). A trick that may be useful is to read the original but have a translation of it at your side; this saves thumbing through a dictionary and can help clarify difficult passages. As best as we can, we'll try to find freely available copies online.

ONE-ON-ONE EXCHANGES: Also, as preparation for the film or reading club meetings, members are encouraged to use the notice board to organize conversation exchanges with other members. If you want to improve your English or French and you speak Spanish, German or Korean (for example), please post what language you can offer help in and what you would like to improve. This way you can find a language exchange partner. Of course all normal precautions when meeting strangers are encouraged: meet in a public place and keep the communication through agreed channels. Do NOT go against your instincts when arranging meetings.

Why this format for the group? Over the years of learning a number of languages your organizer (whose mother language is EN, speaks FR & ES more or less fluently, is conversational in DE, and is actively learning RU/IT/PT) has learned how important engaged conversation is to language learning (and life). In a larger group, we don't always get enough time to speak or there is not a common understanding of how much feedback we want or need. Hence, the film and story nights are a way of meeting in a larger social setting but the one-on-one meetings are often where the improvement in language really happens.

You are, of course, welcome to participate in what you will.

NB: we are very happy to collaborate with existing language groups. If you run a group and would like to work with us and share events with your members (or yours with ours), please drop us a note!

Our current sister group is: German Montreal ( https://www.meetup.com/GermanMontreal/ ) but there are more to come...

P.S. Yes, we used to be the "German Language Exchange ~ Deutscher Sprachaustausch" but after existing under the banner from January 2015 till May 2019, we decided to change things up a bit. If you joined that group and are wondering why we changed the name and purpose instead of creating a new group, the answer is that many of the members of the original group speak multiple languages and this seemed like the best way to include everyone. Sorry for any confusion. If you only want German, please join our sister group above.

P.P.S. If you joined prior to the switch, you have likely not filled in the intake questionnaire. Please go to your bio page for the group (https://www.meetup.com/Many-Tongued-Talkers... can update everything there.


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Study/Practice Session

Station Ho.st Microbrasserie-Bistro-Whiskey

German is tough, let's meet and study together! Event open to all levels: bring your notebooks, apps, and all study materials and let's form a study group! This month's topic will be Music <3 we will put a German song, listen to it, discuss what we understood from the song, go through the lyrics together, and maybe have a sing-along... lol!!! We will also take time to share and converse in German. See you there! Additional information: - This event is aimed at beginners to intermediate. Advanced members who want to come and help are welcome to join! - This event is free to attend. Please consider supporting the hosting business by purchasing a drink or meal <3 - This group is open to adults 18 and over. - Event also posted on the German Montreal Group https://www.meetup.com/GermanMontreal/events/262921498/ __________________________________________ L'allemand est difficile, rencontrons-nous et étudions ensemble! Événement ouvert à tous les niveaux, apportez vos cahiers, vos applications et tout le matériel d'étude et formons un groupe d'étude! Le thème de juillet sera la musique <3 on mettra des chansons allemandes, partagerons ce qu'on a compris, lirons les paroles ensemble, et peut-être même qu'on chantera... lol!!! Nous prendrons également le temps de partager et de converser en allemand. On se voit là-bas! Information additionnelle: - Cet événement est destiné aux débutants et intermédiaires. Les membres avancés qui veulent venir aider sont les bienvenus! - Cet événement est gratuit. Veuillez soutenir le restaurant en achetant une boisson ou un repas - Ce groupe est ouvert aux adultes de 18 ans et plus.

ES: Reading Club: Roberto Bolaño: Putas Asesinas (relato corto)

¡Buenos días a todos y bienvenidos a nuestro club de lectura castellana! Para este primer encuentro, leeremos un cuento del escritor chileno Roberto Bolaño. El relato, titulado Putas asesinas, se puede encontrar siguiendo este vínculo, páginas 62 a 70: http://www.ecdotica.com/biblioteca/Bolano,%20Roberto%20-%20Putas%20Asesinas.pdf Personalmente, el es unos de mis escritores hispanoparlantes preferidos, ¡Espero que les guste! La direccion del lugar de encuentro sera enviada por correo unos días antes (seguramente va a ser en casa de Andrew, cerca de Esplanade con Rachel, a confirmar...)

FR: Reading Club: L'ingratitude - Ying Chen

Resto Végo St-Denis

Pour ceux qui ont indiqué vouloir participer à des activités en français, nous vous invitons à joindre notre club de lecture francophone: https://www.meetup.com/Cercle-de-lecture-francophone/events/262191471/ RÉSUMÉ En Chine, une jeune fille cherche à défaire par le suicide les liens étouffants qui l'unissent à sa mère. Elle veut ainsi échapper à l'étau social, au désespoir d'une vie sans issue, au sentiment amoureux même. De l'au-delà, elle observe ceux qui la pleurent et les derniers événements de son existence. Impitoyable, d'une lucidité sans faille, L'ingratitude interroge les rapports mère-fille sous la lumière crue de l'amour et de la haine conjugués. - Cet événement est gratuit. Veuillez soutenir le restaurant en achetant un verre ou une collation. - Ce groupe est ouvert aux adultes de 18 ans et plus.

DE: Reading Club: Peter Stamm: Weit über das Land (first chapter)

Für unseren ersten Leseclub lesen wir das erste Kapitel von: Weit über das Land (2016) Es wurde von Peter Stamm geschrieben, einem meiner Lieblingsautoren. Eine Kopie des Abschnitts finden Sie auf der Website seines Herausgebers hier: https://www.fischerverlage.de/buch/peter_stamm_weit_ueber_das_land/9783104031361 https://www.fischerverlage.de/media/fs/308/LP_978-3-10-002227-1.pdf Ja, der erste Satz ist etwas schwer. Und der zweite ist auch ein bisschen lang. Aber danach wird es zugänglicher. Lass dich nicht entmutigen! Er ist ein sehr interessanter zeitgenossen Autor. Ich habe, letztes Jahr, sein Roman "Nacht ist der Tag" gelesen (mit einer englischen Übersetzung an meiner Seite, wenn ich etwas nicht verstanden habe). Ich finde sein Schreiben sehr klar und relativ leicht zu lesen. Wenn dieses erste Kapitel populär ist, können wir den gesamten Roman Monat für Monat lesen. Es ist nicht lang, ungefähr hundert Seiten. Wir können dies als Gruppe auf dem Treffen diskutieren. Ich werde die Veranstaltung im Juli in meiner neuen Wohnung ausrichten. Ich werde die Adresse einige Tage vor dem Treffen senden. Es liegt in der Nähe der Kreuzung von Ave de l'Esplanade und Rachel auf dem Plateau. === Event cross-listed here: https://www.meetup.com/GermanMontreal/events/262067590/

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