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There does not appear to be any special place in the Universe. When the Universe is viewed as a whole, our spot amongst the stars appears to be no more 'special' than any other spot, except of course to ourselves. Applying that revelation to humanity extends the possibility that perhaps, likewise, no one particular person or group has a perspective that is inherently any more 'special,' 'right,' or 'wrong' than anyone else's. What if in fact EVERYONE is equally right, wrong, special and not special at the same time? The question is, how can that be? How could everyone have a valid perspective at the same time when so many of them appear to contradict?

That's what this MeetUp is all about: Finding a way to show literally, figuratively and mathematically that everyone and everything fits into the same big picture. (For a summary of how I propose this works, click on the "Pages" link above.)

Working alone we are like the six blind men describing an elephant, but together, when we each contribute our unique, equally valid, vantage points and perspectives, I believe we can catch exciting glimpses of the whole elephant.

Who is invited? Anyone with a desire to embrace differences and promote inclusion, anyone with a passion for discovering the value in every single person's perspective, and anyone with a fervent desire to use their knowledge of math, physics, science, philosophy, religion, electricity, botany, biology, engineering, anthropology, chemistry, nutrition, psychology, music, economics, linguistics, woodworking, cooking, gardening, singing, poetry reading, song writing, rock collecting, movie watching, pokemon playing, origami folding, rainbow chasing, etc, or any other amateur or professional hobby or talent they have to contribute to developing a theory big enough to hold everyone and everything simultaneously.

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Consciousness & Coffee: A Discussion

Whole Foods Market in Redwood City

Exploring Consciousness: Session #1

Whole Foods Market in Redwood City

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