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Maptime Berlin
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In our March session, we will have a great lineup of different speakers, working on interesting mapping projects.

Our confirmed speakers are:


Martin Barner - Analyzing urban street networks: Refugee Camps

In his talk Martin Barner ( (@skeptical_urban ( will give an introduction to street network structure with examples from urban planning theory and recent urban science. He will talk about what he found when analyzing the street networks of seven refugee camps around the world, and share some insights about how you can do it yourself, using OpenStreetMap data.

Martin is an urban planner and researcher in quantitative urban science focused on complex systems theory. He works on urban planning issues based on science, experimentation and participation.


Daniel Kerkow - "I am alive"

Swedish journalist Annah Björk and digital analyst Mattias Beijmo have collected data from refugees travelling the deadly route from Turkey to Greece. With technical assistance from Daniel Kerkow they have created a unique geovisualization of the journeys and conversations of refugess with volunteers on the shore based on the actual positions and WhatsApp-conversations.

Daniel Kerkow (@d_kerkow ( is a geographer and co-founder of Geolicious.


Marco Bagni - Unfolding the Planet

Marco (@marcobagni ( is a Freelance Motion Designer, he focuses mainly on content-based Visual Storytelling, Animated Infographics, Cartography, UI/UX and Direction. In his artistic work he plays at the intersection of Art Science and Metaphysics, with the aim of celebrating the amazing connections within the human multi-dimensional perspective.

Unfolding the planet is born as a personal exploration, the art of flattening a sphere.