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We’re super excited to have Regina Obe and Leo Hsu lead this month’s Maptime tutorial on PostGIS ( (, a geospatial extension for the PostgreSQL database. They are co-authors of "PostGIS in Action".

This is the meetup that was originally scheduled for January.

If you get a chance, please install PostGIS before the meetup by following these instructions for Mac and Windows users:


Maptime is, rather literally, time for mapmaking. Our mission is to open the doors of cartographic possibility to anyone interested by creating a time and space for collaborative learning, exploration, and map creation using mapping tools and technologies.

This open learning environment for all levels and degrees of knowledge offers intentional support for the beginner. Maptime is simultaneously flexible and structured, creating space for workshops, ongoing projects with a shared goal, and independent/collaborative work time.

Inspiration for Maptime comes from both hack nights and knitting circles. Both are models of spaces for people to create and learn together. Our goal is to provide this space with an open heart and without pretension. You can bring your own projects to work on, or just hang out and socialize or ask questions. Some people are experts, and some people are just getting started, but all of us are learning, so why not do it together?

Maptime is hands-on, so don't forget to bring your laptop!

1 Broadway · Cambridge, MA