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Let's Talk About Your Geo-Stack!

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This Maptime we are very fortunate to have Eric Theise ( guest host a special workshop that is designed for developers, cartographers, and data visualizers who wish to set up an open source geospatial software stack on their own laptops. For this Meetup being comfortable with the Terminal App and some computer programming is not required but highly recommended.

We'll begin by talking about the components of the stack and how they work together. We'll import data from an OpenStreetMap extract of NewYork City into a PostgreSQL database, wire TileMill up to use that data, then create & serve simply-styled tiles. Next, we'll create a trivial Node/Express web server to return selected point of interest data from our PostgreSQL database in GeoJSON format, and use Leaflet to layer it over the tiles created earlier. We'll talk about the use of GeoJSON properties to affect display characteristics such as color,opacity, and whether to display particular entities, and sketch out some exercises to try on your own.

The happy path to doing this will be via Homebrew on a Macintosh, but the tools and their use are very similar for Ubuntu (Linux) andWindows.

Note: If you are RSVPing please set aside a few hours in advance of this Maptime to install software (Instructions for setting up all platforms are given as part of the slide deck at ) and download the OSM data from:

You're welcome to read through the whole deck to see what's planned for the evening, but you only need to get up to the "OKAY, LET'S BAKE SOME TILES!" slide ahead of time.