• Content Creation for Digital Marketers: When to Be Good and When to Be Fast

    We'll be hosting a talk and social hour, with a featured guest - local founder and content creation mastermind, Joel Barker on June 27th! Martech is a merger of two critical aspect of every business - Marketing and Technology. This event covers how to optimize your content in the multi-channel digital landscape. Joel will be discussing how to manage the delicate balance of content quality and quantity varies in different marketing channels, covering social, email, blogs, websites, and more. As usual, we will be hosting food and beverages and invite marketing tech enthusiasts of all types and skill levels. This week's event is sponsored by Act-On Software. Agenda: 6:00 pm - Food, beverage, and networking 6:30 pm - Welcome message from Vinay Rao and Alex Mighion 6:35 pm - Speaker 1: Joel Barker, Founder of Lion's Way Content 7:15 pm - Group discussion, Future Meetup Ideas, Cross Promotion 8:00 pm - End.

  • Leveraging the Power of Unstructured Data in Digital Advertising

    We have scheduled our next gathering for February 21st! Please RSVP and add this event to your calendars. MarTech is a merger of two very critical aspect of every business "Marketing" and "Technology". This event covers "How to make use of Unstructured data" from two angles. Yes! You guessed it! First from marketing angle, then from technical perspective. We hope you enjoy the event! Come and enjoy the wonderful group, snacks, drinks etc! Agenda: 5:30 p.m.: Food, beverage, and networking 6:15 p.m.: Welcome message by Vinay Rao 6:20 p.m: Speaker 1: Paul Enriquez : " Leveraging the Power of Unstructured Data in Digital Advertising" 7:00 p.m: Speaker 2: Dan Sullivan, Principal Engineer at New Relic, Inc. : "From Unstructured Data to Extracting Structured Data. The techniques behind Unstructured data mining" 7:45 p.m.- 8:30: Future Meet up Topic Ideas. Pitch your Ideas to this meet-up group and Networking 8:30: End Talk #1 Details (By Paul Enriquez) Unstructured data includes e-mail, tweets, electronic documents, video, audio files, web pages, and all of their associated metadata. Almost all of the data we produce in a digital world is unstructured. Yet most programmatic marketing platforms can only handle structured data, specifically the audience segment. From the rise of targeted marketing in the late 1990s to now, audience segments were used because the technology and processing power to mine unstructured data had not yet been developed. Pre-packaged audience segments have some significant limitations in programmatic marketing: - Data source is unknown - No data visibility - Limited insight into recency of intent or action - Optimization can only occur at the segment level A BETTER SOLUTION: "DIRECT, UNSTRUCTURED DATA" As audience buying evolved, so did the technologies designed for processing unstructured data. At Simpli.fi, we purpose-built a direct data network and a complete programmatic marketing platform specifically for unstructured data. The result: we can break free from the black box of pre-packaged audience segments and make every individual data element, including recency, visible and valuable again. This talk will outline the tricks of trade in using unstructured data in digital advertising. Talk #2 Details (By Dan Sullivan) Unstructured text is easily mapped to a manipulated data structures such as OLAP cubes. This talk demonstrates how named entity recognition and topic modeling can identify fine-grained relationships between entities as well as broad combinations of topics in unstructured text. The output of these methods can be used to populate dimensions of OLAP cubes and provide a way to leverage existing business intelligence tools for unstructured analysis. Dan Sullivan is a Principal Engineer at New Relic. He is a leader of machine learning community of practice here in Portland. Experienced in big data platforms (Cassandra, Spark, and Kafka) and enterprise software. Being a cross breed between an Engineer and Data Scientist, his insights in Machine Learning and Data Science are always intriguing and fundamentally sound.

  • Art and Science of Personalization in Sales and Marketing

    Whether you are in marketing, sales or job search, we all have understood the importance of connecting with the person we are communicating with. However as number of people we are trying to connect becomes large, the task of personalization becomes tedious and unproductive. Unless, of course, we learn to use techniques and tools. Since 1980s many businesses have aspired to a tailored, personalized approach to communicating with their prospects and yet be productive. Without data and tools, personalized communication (1 to 1 marketing) remained a distant dream until recently. With massive amounts of publicly available personal data, new software tools and frameworks - relevant personalization is now a reality. In this meetup we will dig into details of personalization as it pertains to managing sales process - using technology. We have an exceptional panel of experts in Sales and Marketing. They include, Michelle Huff is the Chief Marketing Officer for Act-On Software. Chris Ortolano as a consultant, helps sales development teams define process and share knowledge to improve customer experience with personalized, relevant messaging Jeff Hardison is the Vice President of Marketing for Lytics Moderator: Vinay Rao, cofounder of RocketML, the fastest computational engine for Machine Learning.

  • Enterprise MarTech Stories from "Lattice" and "LendingTree"

    We have two speakers lined up for this meetup event! See below for details and agenda. ***NOTE on PARKING: Parking lot in front of ConnectiveDX is reserved parking for ConnectiveDx employees and visitors. If you do find an empty slot, park there and come inside to conf. room and collect your parking ticket; Go back to your car and place the parking ticket on your window! Agenda: 5:30 p.m.: Food, beverage and networking 6:00 p.m.: Welcome Message by Vinay Rao and Bob Schnyder 6:10 p.m.: "Success, Failure, And Martech On The Path To Content And Context Marketing." by Doug Hunter (30 Minutes) 6.40 p.m.: "How LendingTree rebuilt it's business by refocusing on Direct Response advertising" by Nitin Bhutani ( 30 minutes) 7.00 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.: Open discussions, Networking --------------------------------------------- We have two speakers lined up for this meetup event! Our first speaker is Doug Hunter - Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at Lattice where he is currently responsible for demand generation, lead generation, and brand. Prior to Lattice he was with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Title of his talk is "Success, Failure, And Martech On The Path To Content And Context Marketing." He will cover, • Context - who are we and what are we responsible for? • Evolution - moving from the print age to digital • Strategy - where we are going • Team, Tools, & Process - how we get it done • Reality & Learning - overcoming the bumps and driving toward success! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Our second speaker is Nitin Bhutani. Nitin Bhutani is the VP of Marketing at LendingTree responsible for marketing across several channels and products including mortgages, personal loans and reverse mortgage among others. He has over 15 years in marketing and leadership roles in various companies and has been at LendingTree since 2011. Prior to LendingTree he was with HSBC in the online marketing group originating credit cards and banking products. He started his career at Avenue A in Seattle as a client strategist. Title of his talk is - How LendingTree rebuilt it's business by refocusing on Direct Response advertising LendingTree grew their revenue from $77 M in 2012 to $384M in 2016 mainly by using digital marketing. Digital Marketing is their lifeblood, they built the business one step at a time. Topics to be covered - Strategies and tactics employed to increase response rates - Attribution - why last click attribution still works - Programmatic buying - LendingTree perspective - Challenges in cross device targeting - Importance of brand investment in DR advertising - Social media advertising - what is working

  • Curious about how Watson AI can help in your Job Search?

    In this talk we will help you learn how to use AI to your advantage in your job search. Believe it or not HR departments and Companies are harvesting social media data and all other available information about you to filter out candidates. It gives them an unfair advantage while hiring. Can the unfair advantage be balanced by Job seekers? The answer is - Yes. Join us to find out how Talk covers the following; 1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 2. Why and How to use Watson AI for job search 3. Science behind Watson AI

  • Breaking Conway’s Law: Converting Business Logic into Successful Execution

    Breaking Conway’s Law: Converting Business Logic into Successful MarTech Execution Sometimes the difficulty in launching a successful marketing campaign can be attributed to organizational challenges. As marketers we are often constrained by organizational inefficiencies rather than our technical capabilities. Through this presentation, I’d like to explain how technical marketers can get the business intelligence they need, fix organizational inefficiencies, acquire the right tools for the job and drive digital marketing efforts forward in a way that can drastically affect a company’s bottom line. During this presentation, we’ll go over the following: · Iterative vs campaign-based approaches to marketing deliverables. · How to sort through analytics to determine what are vanity metrics, OPIs and KPIs. · Re-prioritizing deliverables and capabilities based on KPIs. · Integrating lead scoring and content customization into static campaigns. · “Smart Persona” tracking and attribution models. A large part of the presentation will include information on actual tools and metrics that I am currently using so feel free to ask any questions you may have related to the data or examples presented. Speaker Bio: Garrett Gillas got his start in technology at the age of 12 when he built his first website for his father’s electric vehicle startup. Since then, he has made a career out of helping business use digital marketing to grow their business. Garrett is currently a Marketing Manager at Tripwire where he oversees all web properties, paid media and related demand-gen analytics. Before Tripwire, he spent the last 10 years working with digital advertising agencies including Razorfish and CMD. His past clients include Netflix, Microsoft Xbox, HP, Hawaiian Airlines, IBM, Google, Urban Airship and Intel. Garrett is a Portland, Oregon native. Social: https://www.linkedin.com/in/garrettgillas https://twitter.com/garrettgillas

  • Inaugural Meetup -MarTech Trends & Discussion

    Inaugural Meetup: Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2016 Time: 5:30 pm Location: Deskhub, 334 NW 11th Avenue, Portland, OR Presenter: Duane Schulz, VP Marketing Technology and Global Brand at Xerox Curious about the latest trends in Marketing Technology? Wondering what lies ahead in the future to improve your business? Curious about the latest trends in Marketing Technology? Wondering what lies ahead in the future to improve your business? Not able to attend the MarTech Conference last month? Wondering what the brightest minds in MarTech see as the next critical steps to success for businesses? Join Duane Shulz, VP of Marketing Technology for Xerox, who shares insights from last month’s MarTech Conference 2016. Duane will share key topics and trends from the brightest minds in MarTech, along with personal discussions with thought leaders like Scott Brinker, editor of ChiefMarTech. Come join us for an amazing evening!