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It brings me great pleasure to introduce myself, Jessica Jones some call me Rainbow. I created this meet up group in January of 2015. Originally we started out doing ganja yoga enhanced classes with cannabis. However as time has passed, I've grown and the group has ascended into a new frequency of light and love. I believe we are meant to be in a constant state of change, transformation, growth and expansion. If we are not changing we are not moving forward. This group is not simply about getting high, it never has been, and never will be. We are peaceful warriors for Mother Earth. We BElieve in being the change we need so desperately.

This group will STILL offer every Sunday the transformation experience that is Ganja Yoga- This will not change as this experience is a catalyst for your spiritual awakening and connection back to Mother Earth.

If you are someone who is familiar with the energy upgrades happening on Earth, this group is for you.

We are moving into a time of reconnecting back to our Divine Essence. Essence is our natural state of being. Body of Earth, Soul of Spirit. Connecting through Nature to our Highest Level of Consciousness. Allowing our vessels to be clear channels to heal Mother Earth. We are expanding into offering training and teaching in how you to can be a clear channel to send Universal Life Force energy to Mother Earth.

We will be hosting more meetups in Nature, to clean up the pollution and learn how to use our energy to heal not only the Earth but through healing the Earth we heal ourselves, through healing ourselves we heal others around us. Creating a giant ripple effect of Health, Essence, Totality.

Last Year we were entering a new period on Planet Earth a High Vibration and Energy was Being Reigned in & this Group Helped to Aid us throughout the transition period to ground the energy.

NOW in 2016 the Gates are ALL Open, The Vibration is set in the Highest Frequency and we Now will Learn to Lift our Vibrations to Ascend, Expand, Blossom to Truly enter into the Spiritual Realm of BEing.

It is my vision to awaken a new era of Humanity, deeply rooted and connected to the Earth.

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Marijuana calms the racing chatter of the mind, allowing our being a moment of peace and presence. It is in the present moment that life happens, not in the past or in the future and Marijuana allows us to experience that, to experience life, bliss and joy in this present moment.

Benefits I found most important to the physical yoga practice that awaken through Marijuana induced Yoga:

• Keeping a calm facial expression

• Deep, steady breathing

• Incredible focus with little to no distraction from my practice

• A inner body awareness and understanding others couldn't connect to

• Relax, calm the body and mind

• Stay present

• Enter into hypnotic states, "leaving cares behind"

And these are just physical benefits of practicing yoga on Marijuana!

Once these physical benefits are reached Mentally and spiritually life awakens with Marijuana Consciousness that I describe as a state of being where you are:

• Free from the confines of the mind that limit your beliefs about this life and its purpose

• State of presence allows us to become a witness to observe ourselves with clear site

• Calm, alignment of the spine allows for the energy to move freely through the chakra system allowing for experiences of, awakening, Kundalini rising, Samadhi, bliss whatever you choose to refer to the final stages of yoga that all yogis aspire to reach this pure state of enlightened bliss is much easier to reach when Mary Jane is present in the body.

• Energetically connects you to the Earth, Gaia- Essence of the Earth that feeds and fuels the body temple. Forming this deep connection to the Earth that provides for us in this life is powerfully energetic and uplifting.

• Connects you to the teachings of the sacred plant that have been used in combination with yoga and meditation for over 5,000 years! You read that right! The Yoga Sutras the ancient texts of the Yogic philosophy speak of awakening through plant medicine called Aushadis.

Blessings, Light and Love.

Ascended Master & Guru,

Jessica Jones

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