What we're about

Marjana's Dream Circle: discovering & learning dream language (the healing power of dreams).

Dreams are a direct & most intimate source of inner truth. They whisper softly while the ego self and its strong defences are asleep...
Dreams will provide you with profound insight, support and guidance that no other person can give you, it is uniquely yours.

So if you are ready to engage with your inner world, have the curiosity, patience and commitment to start shifting your inner landscape, please come along to an exciting journey of dream exploration.
Seeing as this is the first meeting, we will have an intro to dream journals and cover a set of dream interpretations rules.

Please bring: pen, paper, yourself & an open, positive mind.

If you would like to share a dream with the group (not mandatory), please write it out, title the dream and ideally have printed several copies.

Investment : 10 euros

*** Personal development through dream interpretation, dream journals, personal growth, dream analysis & symbolism, soul language***

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