What we're about

Hi. We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs who want to start small but achieve big in Singapore. We hope to help each other to ease market entry for our businesses.

Singapore's business environment has become very high-cost and extremely competitive. Many small businesses or aspiring entrepreneurs are finding hard to survive or kick-start any new ventures. However, Singapore also has lots of opportunities and has excellent infrastructure & international networks. To survive, a small business must focus on getting immediate revenue at low cost before embarking on any big strategy. Trial & error or having extra funds as buffer do not help in this environment. We need immediate positive cash-flow to survive & then to expand our business strategically.

Thus market entry strategies are necessary. Market entry strategy should be a plan for the first 6 months of any new changes or ventures in the business. This is a precursor to achieve your big plans in business. Small businesses cannot afford business or marketing strategies similar to large organizations as we do not have their resources. In addition, time, money and manpower resources are crucial for small businesses till we reach a tipping point. Our group aims to share these market entry strategies unique to Singapore's business environment, focusing specifically for small businesses.

This group is for small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs to learn & network, and also to help each other in any small way possible to achieve a sustainable small business community. This group is useful if you are in the following situations;

*thinking to start a new business

*started a new business

*launched a new product/service

*enter a new/niche market in Singapore or globally

*devised a new strategy with new sales target

We aim to hold networking events, social gatherings, seminars & workshops, even mentoring activities, etc.. We invite you to our group and eagerly awaiting your active participation. Thanks. See u at our events!

With Regards,

Prakaash G




1. Any activities from this group is not a form of any individual, product/service or company endorsement or promotions.

2. All activities are on voluntary basis only. Members are solely responsible for their own decision taken for their involvement and/or relationships/activities/knowledge arising from our group activities.

3. This group is not liable for any information shared or relations formed from our activities. Members are solely responsible for their actions arising from any information they have received & relationships created from the group activities.

4. Members are advised to have due diligence before acting upon any information received. Members are also advised to be alert to fraudulent people and activities. It is upon the sole discretion of the member to incorporate the relationship, information or activities onto their personal/business life.

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