What we're about

This Meetup is a *Marketing Study Group* for beginners and experts alike. For those who are brand new to marketing who what to explore, to professional marketer who want to hone their skills -- if are looking for a group of like-minded individuals to learn together with -- then this is the group for you.

We meet every Monday evening to expand our marketing knowledge, share best practices, discuss marketing trends, and to give ourselves a forum of similarly minded people to engage with, ask questions, share ideas, and experiment with new marketing methods.

The focus of our Meetups will be to have weekly assignments and experiment with tasks, to give ourselves a chance to both learn and implement what we've learned, and then come together to discuss our new knowledge and improve on our results.


The Marketing Lab has set forth an agenda for the next few months. These coming weeks will be structured around our Marketing Fundamentals Series!

The Marketing Fundamentals Series will have a weekly topic, where we all research the topic and come together to discuss what we have learned. We will dive deep into a fundamental marketing concept, and determine how we can apply this knowledge to our businesses.

Note, this group has a small business & entrepreneurial focus, so we are not looking to focus on how Coca Cola might spend millions of dollars on Super-Bowl ads, but instead how an individual or a small team, might use practical marketing skills to promote their business, build a following, or reach the right people via social media marketing.

Each week's Meetup will consist of roughly 3 parts:
(I) Discussion on the weekly topic from our Marketing Fundamentals Series
(II) Marketing Problem solving for individual Projects
(III) Discussion around the marketing book we are reading.


We have set forth an agenda for the next few weeks of The Marketing Fundamentals Series Agenda, here are some of the topics we will cover.

Marketing Fundamentals Series Agenda:
(One Lesson Per Week)

Week 1. What is Marketing?
- Marketing vs Selling
- How Do Marketing and Sales Go hand in hand
- Practical Marketing for a small business

Week 2. Building a Marketing Plan
- Setting a Marketing Goal
(tangible, achievable goals)
- How to write a Marketing Plan
- Overview: Goals, Research, Strategies, Tactics, KPIs and Measurement, the 4 Ps.

Week 3. Market Research
- Determining the landscape
- Finding your the Competition (SWOT analysis)
- What can you learn from you competition. Can you do the same or better?

Week 4. Four P’s of Marketing
a. Product - Value
b. Place - Convenience
c. Price - Cost
d. Promotion -Communication

Week 5. Platforms to Market
- Find 3 platforms of advertising excluding Google keywords or Facebook ads
- Strategies for each platform

Other Topics will include:

* Online Marketing Strategy
- How to market online
- What are the myriad of different networks
- What is the right online strategy for you?

* Value Proposition
- Customer Value
- Examples of Value to customers

* Customer Acquisition
- Targeting your audience

* Channel Marketing
- Cost effective channels, for your business

* Branding
- the image that comes to consumer’s mind

* Associations

* Logos & Slogans

* Target Markets

* Products Strategy

* Place Strategy

* Promotion Strategy

We will adjust the agenda to suit the group's interests, so if you have a particular passion for a topic, please let us know and we can rearrange the schedule. Please come join us so we can all improve our marketing skills!

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